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What is RINGPAK?

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RINGPAK is an advanced two-dimensional simulation package for predicting ring pack dynamics, lubrication and gas flow for optimisation of the ring pack. Based around advanced lubrication, gas and ring dynamic models, the engineer is able to reduce friction, wear, blowby and oil consumption, minimising the need for expensive and difficult testing.


  • Ring Dynamics - RINGPAK simulates the motion of each separate ring on the piston assembly based upon an axi-symmetric assumption. The ring motion is decomposed into twist, axial and radial motions. The effects of the surrounding gas pressure, boundary lubrication, hydrodynamic lubrication, system friction and inertia are taken into account in force and momentum balances.
  • Oil Transoirt and Consumption - Results from RINGPAK's oil transport models are used to determine the oil flooded areas where hydrodynamic pressure is developed.
  • Case Study - Validate the friction predicition capability of PISDYN and RINGPAK by comparing predictions with measured piston assembly friction force.

Key Features

  • Piston ring dynamics
  • Gas dynamics model computes the mass flow of gas past each ring and inter-ring pressures
  • Hydrodynamic and boundary lubrication models
  • Advanced oil consumption calculations
  • 3D effects including piston secondary motion from PISDYN and bore distortion from FEARCE

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