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RINGPAK Case Study



  • Validate the friction prediction capability of PISDYN and RINGPAK by comparing predictions with measured piston assembly friction force


  • Measurements were made on a single cylinder Ricardo Hydra gasoline engine using IMEP method
  • PISDYN was used to predict friction force and power loss at the interface between the piston skirt and cylinder liner
  • RINGPAK was used to predict the friction force and power loss at each ring
  • Total friction force and power loss due to skirt and rings was compared with the measured data

Parametric Studies

  • Engine load
  • Engine speed
  • Skirt surface roughness
  • Oil temperature
  • Liner surface texture
  • Boundary friction coefficient
  • Oil grade 


  • Graphs show good correlation between measured piston assembly friction power loss and sum of predicted values for rings and skirt
  • Presented at SAE (SAE 2006-01-0426)


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