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Gear Design

SABR's transmission assessment capabilities are further enhanced by the integrated GEAR analysis software. Able to define initial gear sizes and life parallel axis gears using both ISO and Ricardo methodologies, this powerful tool enables non specialists to optimise gear geometry and determine the effect of misalignment on gear life. With additional training the capabilities of this program increase still further allowing the full design of optimised and manufacturable gear geometries assisted by graphical representations of the key clearances during meshing contact.

Key Features

  • Gear rating to ISO standard including effect of calculated gear misalignment
  • Integral Ricardo Gear Life method used by Ricardo on consultancy projects and developed with feedback from customer and in house manufacturing, assembly and development programs
  • Powerful optimiser allowing the design of optimal geometry and balanced life gears whilst targeting NVH factors such as contact ratio
  • Visual representations of key design attributes and clearances
  • Direct import / export interface to SABR
  • Detailed duty cycle function allowing multiple loading regimes to be analysed to assess cumulative damage


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