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Finite Element Components

VALDYN has an advanced DYNAMICBODY element that allows finite element (FE) models to be connected to other modelling elements to form a fully coupled system that can be simulated directly in VALDYN. This is a powerful technique for representing complex component stiffnesses which would otherwise be difficult to define in a lumped-mass model. Examples of use include rockers and gearbox casings.

VALDYN uses a reduced FE model which is derived from a full FE model using the Craig-Bampton method for Component Mode Synthesis (CMS). In the FE model connection nodes are defined which can be either normal 6-DOF FE nodes or “constrained” nodes representing the average motion of a group of normal FE nodes. All FE nodes that don’t contribute to the motion of connection nodes are reduced out.

Results can be back-substituted to obtain component displacement and stress that can be animated within FEARCE.

Key Features

  • Simple incorporation of complex geometry
  • Retains fast simulation
  • Can be used in linear frequency domain analysis
  • Back-substitution for displacements and stresses
  • Animation of results


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