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What is VECTIS?

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VECTIS is a three-dimensional fluid dynamics program that has been developed specifically to address fluid flow simulations in the vehicle and engine industries. VECTIS is developed around a completely automatic mesh generator, providing a rapid turnaround time for CFD analyses. The fully automatic mesh generator, unique to VECTIS, provides a distinct advantage over most other commercial CFD tools; in that it ensures CFD is an integral part of modern engineering development programmes.


  • In-cylinder Analysis - performed to investigate various phenomena such as fuelling effects, spray injector positioning, piston shape and bowl design and the effects these have on combustion and emissions.
  • VECTIS-MAX - provides fast, efficient and streamlined workflow by providing a more tightly integrated simulation experience.
  • Automated Meshing -  the automatic hexahedral mesh generato provides rapid turn around times for mesh generation for simulations.
  • Coupled 1D/3D Analysis - VECTIS is fully integrated with WAVE, Ricardo’s 1D gas dynamics software, allowing 1D/3D-coupled analyses to be performed effortlessly.
  • Vehicle Thermal Management - Advanced thermal management using conjugate heat transfer, radiation and transient simulations allows hot soak, thermal shock and warm-up simulations.
  • Engine Thermal Analysis - warm up times, hot soak and other transient thermal behaviour can be simulated easily allowing engineers to intelligently develop the cooling system.

Key Features

  • Fully automatic mesh generator capable of 500,000 cells/hr
  • Boolean operations for automatic joining, intersection or subtraction of different geometric entities
  • Geometry wrapper for fast repair of poor quality input data
  • Easy to use/flexible mesh motion definition
  • Intuitive and easy to use GUIs
  • Appropriate sub-models for automotive applications
  • Advanced fuel spray and combustion models
  • Internal/External injector flow coupling
  • Fan model for radial and axial fans of varying complexity
  • Steady state or transient solver
  • Conjugate heat transfer
  • Boiling and cavitation models
  • Extensive radiation capabilities
  • Direct link to WAVE for time-step integration (co-simulation)
  • Animation of results, plus export of pictures and movies for external use
  • EnSight translator to allow for the viewing of VECTIS results within CEI’s EnSight package

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