Available Papers

A library of technical papers has been assembled to help the client learn more on how VECTIS has been used in real life applications throughout many different industries.  Many of the papers provided contain data from experiements along with corresponding simulation results for the purpose of establishing and validating the capabilities of the programs.

  • Intake Manifold Optimization using CFD Analysis, click here
  • A Practical Approach to Water Jacket Flow Analysis, click here
  • Application of LDA and PIV Techniques to the Validation of VECTIS Using Boundary Mesh Motion, click here
  • Underhood Airflow Prediction Using VECTIS Coupled to a 1-D System Model, click here
  • Combined WAVE-VECTIS Simulation of an Intake Manifold of V6 PFI Gasoline Engine, click here
  • The Use of VECTIS in Honda's VTEC Lean Burn Engine Development, click here
  • Coupled WAVE-VECTIS Simulation of an Intake Restricted Engine, click here

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