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In-cylinder Analysis

VECTIS is used extensively in engine design because of its ease of use for moving boundary, in-cylinder applications. In-cylinder calculations can be performed to investigate various phenomena such as fuelling effects, spray injector positioning, piston shape and bowl design and the effects these have on combustion and emissions

Key Features

  • Moving boundary and automatic meshing technique provides easy setup
    - Complex multi-cycle simulations can be performed with minimal user input
    - Rapid simulation turnaround allows maximum input to the design process
    - Discrete droplet modelling for sprays
    - Primary and secondary breakup models as well as droplet interaction
    - Extensive user function capability allows for modelling of user defined
      injector configurations
    - Internal injector flow to spray coupling
    - Extended spray set-up allows time and radial variation of injector/droplet
  • Static and dynamic wall film capability
    - User function initialisation and data extraction capability
  • Auto-ignition and spark ignition models
    - Discrete particle ignition kernel model
  • Ricardo Two Zone Flamelet combustion model
    - Pre-mixed and non-premixed combustion
  • Extensive internal validation programmes and model development based on future engine technologies

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