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Vehicle Thermal Management

VECTIS has a range of capabilities that make it ideal for solving vehicle thermal management problems. Increasingly the engine bay region is becoming more critical as improved crash safety and after-treatment solutions reduce space and create higher temperatures respectively.

With the ability to quickly and automatically create new and complex meshes, VECTIS is used to identify areas of re-circulating and stagnant flow and identify how these regions change when component designs and positions are changed.

Using this approach VECTIS can quickly identify ways of optimizing the position of temperature sensitive equipment. VECTIS is also used to investigate heat exchanger and cooling fan performance, look at improving flow to heat exchanger packs as well as identify ways of reducing the cooling pack pressure drop

Key Features

  • Extensive surface geometry pre-processing tools such as geometry wrapper and Boolean functions
  • Large detailed meshes created automatically
  • Easy set up of heat exchangers and cooling fan models
  • CHT, radiation solver and 1D coupling allow for complete thermal analysis
    - Parallelised view factor matrix solver allows fast setup for even very
      large/complex calculations involving radiation
  • Rapid turnaround of calculations allows greater input at design stage
  • Coupling to Flowmaster and Flowmaster2 for complete 1D/3D thermal analysis

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