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What is WAVE-RT?

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WAVE-RT is a real-time, crank-angle resolved engine simulation tool for testing new engine management systems, for both SiL and HiL systems.




















Key Features

  • Crank-angle resolution
  • In-cycle modelling of individual cylinders
  • Dynamic wave effects along air paths
    - No tuning required to compensate for wave effects
  • Physically-based
    - Diesel and gasoline operation
    - Avoids explosion of look-up tables for MVEMs
  • Turbomachinery
    - Fixed geometry compressors
    - Fixed and variable geometry turbines
  • Automatically configured real-time engine model exported from a full WAVE model using WaveBuild
    - Exported C code is ANSI-standard, MISRA-compliant
    - Enables coordinated development between analysis and controls engineers
  • Real-Time operation on off-the-shelf hardware
    - Supported on multiple common HiL platforms


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