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1D/3D CFD Co-Simulation

WAVE is capable of co-simulation with Ricardo’s 3D CFD code, VECTIS, or various 3rd party CFD codes (STAR-CD®, Fluent®, Fire®). The WAVE3D module now takes 1D/3D co-simulation to a new level, allowing fast and reliable setup, solution and post processing of a fully coupled 1D/3D CFD analysis. This is performed entirely from within the WAVE environment, and without the need for a separate CFD package.

1D/3D co-simulation allows users to perform detailed analysis of 3D geometry such as exhaust collectors, intake manifolds and catalytic converters. It also allows the simulation of complex physical phenomena including turbulence and secondary gas mixing.

Key Features

  • Three-phase coupling allows easy coupling and quick convergence of the coupled solution
  • Open interface allows linking to supported commercial CFD codes or user-developed CFD tools
  • Fully-integrated 1D/3D CFD co-simulation with WAVE3D
    - Import complex 3D geometry in WaveMesher and mesh for both 1D and
      3D simulations
    - VECTIS-based parallel CFD solver
    - Automatic creation of 3D CFD mesh with local mesh refinement and
    - Automatic linking of 1D/3D flow boundaries
    - Automatic setup of 3 step coupling: 1D analysis, 1D/3D with one-way
      coupling, and switching to full 2-way coupling
    - Advanced 3D post-processing

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