Combustion and Emissions

WAVE contains advanced combustion models for both diesel and SI engines, and includes secondary models specifically for the study of direct injection, SI turbulent flame propagation, engine-out emissions, and knock.
In addition to in-cylinder models, WAVE also includes a suite of exhaust aftertreatment models. These allow detailed chemical kinetic simulation of advanced emission control technologies.

Key Features

  • Compression ignition capabilities
    - Diesel Wiebe semi-predictive combustion sub-model (includes pilot injection)
    - Diesel jet predictive combustion sub-model (Hiroyasu)
    - Diesel3D, CFD predictive injection/combustion visualisation
    - Multi-pulse actuatable injectors
  • Spark Ignition capabilities
    - SI Wiebe combustion sub-model
    - SI turbulent flame predictive combustion sub-model
    - Knock sub-model
  • Common capabilities
    - Multi-Wiebe combustion sub-model
    - NOx, CO, and HC emissions formation
    - Cylinder pressure heat release analysis
    - Experimental heat release profiles
    - Library of fuels and custom fuel generator – ethanol, hydrogen, natural
      gas, E85; arbitrary blends, oxygenated fuels
    - User-programmed combustion sub-model
  • R-CAT emissions control technology
    - 1D and 3D TWC, DOC, LNT, and SCR
    - 1D DPF with regeneration
    - User-programmed aftertreatment kinetics sub-model

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