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Ricardo Software offers exceptional support services to its existing clients. Software support is offered via email and phone. Existing clients with a valid account can log into the Ricardo Software Support Center to below.

Once logged into the support center you will find a wealth of valuable information about the Ricardo Software products. You will find a repository of current FAQs, downloads of the latest upgrades, as well as the latest news bulletins.

Send Us Your Feedback

You can also send us your feedback using the online feedback form provided for you in the support center.

Sign up for Ricardo Software Support

If you are an existing Ricardo Software client and have not signed up to receive access to this online portal, please contact Ricardo Software Support ( to request to open an account.  You are required to provide your own contact details and company details to ensure that the company is a current Ricardo Software client and your contact details and e-mail address will be verified with the company.

If you are not an existing Ricardo Software client and you would like further information on our products, please contact a Ricardo Software Sales representative (

Contact Ricardo Support

Ricardo Software Support is available via phone and e-mail to assist you with all your questions and concerns.

E-mail Support:

North American customers dial:   +1 734 394 3860
Europe and UK customers dial:    +44 1273 794444

For all other customers, please contact your local RS office: click here