Aftertreatment and Chemical Analysis

Ricardo has been active in aftertreatment and chemical analysis for over forty years, bringing together world-class knowledge and expertise in emissions measurement, sources and control technology and legislative implications within a single unified team with unparalleled cumulative knowledge and experience.

Ricardo aftertreatment and chemical analysis services: 

  • Bio- and alternative fuels, technology impacts, fuel and lubricant validation testing and market surveys
  • Thin-layer activation testing using advanced radio-tracing methods to identify wear levels and deterioration mechanisms related to lubricant performance
  • Catalysis expertise including formulation, economics, interaction with exhaust gases and specification
  • Catalyst modelling and simulation
  • Unregulated emissions testing including real-time monitoring, catalyst, fuel and lubricant effects, environmental impact assessments, consideration of future legislation and literature reviews to establish context.
  • Off-site provision of high-value, high expertise measurement and analysis capabilities to complement customers’ capabilities at their own test facilities
  • Advanced particle size distribution, number (PMP) and mass measurement capabilities from pre- and post-catalyst positions
  • In-depth understanding of particle number and particulate mass approaches, implementation, implications of sampling approaches on measurements and new legislation
  • Off-line analyses of particulate chemistry, wear metal in oil, aldehydes and ketones, PAH, NPAH and others

Key benefits of the Ricardo service: 

  • A comprehensive one-stop-shop with ownership of entire project from proposal to report delivery and providing fast and effective response
  • Access to dedicated specialists working together to provide maximum value and insight.
  • Combination of expertise and analytical capabilities
  • Experimental design tailored to meet customers’ objectives
  • On and off-site support for knowledge and analytical provision
  • Proven expertise using the latest analytical techniques and recognised knowledge base to enhance visibility and validity of project results.
  • Client compatible data supply and process alignment