CO2 Reduction

Ricardo is one of the world’s leading authorities on the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from transportation and related industries. Through our internally funded technology research programme as well as though commercially sponsored and publicly part-funded collaborative research initiatives, we are actively developing future technologies that will form the basis of tomorrow’s low carbon product innovations.

A world leader in low carbon technology: 

  • Market and technology studies of new low carbon technologies
  • Impact assessment of global existing and proposed legislation
  • Simulation, development and integration of low carbon technologies
  • Total vehicle fuel efficiency, maximizing the benefit of every drop of liquid fuel used in transportation (find out more here)
  • Vehicle, engine and transmission concept design and build
  • Technology roadmaps, enabling future product strategy to maximize the advantage of emerging technologies

Key benefits of the Ricardo service: 

  • Fast response with a flexible approach from one of the world’s leading multi-industry consultancy teams with a strong focus on low carbon technology
  • Extensive experience in low carbon technologies, having completed well in excess of 100 hybrid vehicle projects in addition to many other low carbon innovation initiatives
  • Full service offering across engines, vehicles, drivelines and transmissions
  • In-house capability for design, specification and integration of all system components
  • Best technology selection for any application based on in-depth knowledge of available low carbon technologies in engine, transmission and vehicle design ranging from passenger cars to agricultural, construction and industrial vehicles