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Ricardo has one of the world’s leading multi-industry design teams with core expertise in engines, drivelines, transmissions and vehicles, and experience ranging from passenger cars and motorcycles, to commercial and defence vehicles, marine and locomotive propulsion systems, and associated markets such as renewable power generation. The projects we carry out can range from minor component upgrades to turn-key concept through to production design of new high volume product families for multiple international markets. Our design capability is supported by extensive CAD and CAE systems and software including multiple revision levels of all the major software packages for seamless and secure customer data exchange.

A world-leading design and development capability:

  • Feasibility studies including market and competitor analysis
  • Concept studies to assess technical, commercial and life-cycle cost attributes of alternative solutions
  • Access to Ricardo’s extensive database of design guidelines and benchmarking results, providing a fast start to new innovation based projects
  • Extensive use of CAE applications for design optimization using both in-house Ricardo Software products and market-leading commercial codes
  • Design for manufacture and assembly techniques and detailed costs analysis methods are essential elements of the Ricardo design process, with a strict ‘no faults forward’ culture
  • Close integration with prototype production and development testing ensure rapid and comprehensive feedback for design optimization and validation
  • Design support through to start of production and beyond, and including warranty management
  • Assessment and development of novel customer design solutions with full protection of IPR

Key benefits of the Ricardo service:

  • One of the world’s leading and most successful design teams with deep technical knowledge of the industries we serve
  • World-class software and processes, ensuring ease of data transfer with customer design teams
  • Secure systems, providing high speed connectivity with the complete assurance of confidentiality
  • Access to the extensive knowledge base, facilities and expertise of the Ricardo organization
  • Fast, flexible and responsive design, with projects tailored to each customer’s individual requirements and including training and technology transfer as desired