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Engine Design and Development

Few companies worldwide can match Ricardo’s long-standing skills, experience and track record in engine design and development incorporating the very latest in technological innovations.



With the on-going need to improve engine fuel efficiency and reduce emissions and total cost of ownership, Ricardo is uniquely placed to assist with engine engineering projects of all types and applications.

A world-leader in engine design and development, technology and innovation: 

  • New engine design and development, from clean sheet design through to production, of all types of gasoline, diesel, biofuel and gas engines, from 2hp to 20MW
  • Engine upgrades for performance, emissions and new applications and duty cycles
  • Clear development route maps for new engine technology solutions to achieve emissions regulation compliance in a cost-effective and optimal manner for each application
  • Benchmarking of cost, design, performance, emissions, and NVH
  • Production calibration for the full range of on- and off-highway legislation including OBD requirements and homologation
  • A range of unique, high value new engine technology solutions from our research and development activities, including SGDI (Spray Guided Direct Injection), the Ricardo ultra low particulate Twin Vortex Combustion System, cyrogenic combustion, thermal optimisation and a wide range of WHR (Waste Heat Recovery) technologies
  • State-of-the-art skills and capabilities in control algorithm development
  • Engine localization and adaptation for new applications and markets
  • Independent assessment and development of novel engine concepts and new engine technologies
  • Whole life cost optimization and warranty management

Key benefits of the Ricardo service:

  • A global team of over 800 specialist engine engineers
  • The sheer extent of Ricardo’s knowledge base ensures that the engines we develop exactly match customer requirements
  • Availability of experienced and flexible project teams to step-in at short notice and address peaks in customer workload
  • Ricardo’s global reach provides crucial local market knowledge matching our technology, skills and experience
  • Our range of validated technical solutions enables customers to move quickly from concept to production of world class products
  • Independent, objective and informed assessment of customer technologies and products, and of new and emerging technologies
  • Our global test resources include over 60 engine cells featuring advanced automation for 24/7 testing including; Performance and emissions, Durability and validation, Altitude testing up to three thousand meters, Climatic, Thermal cycling, Noise and vibration, Multiple fuels including natural gas for large engines
  • Niche manufacture and assembly capability