Fuels & Lubricants Development

Ricardo has a wide range of expertise in fuels and lubricants technology. We understand the key technological challenges and related issues for the development of next generation fuel and lubricant products. The innovations we develop proactively are targeted at providing an unparalleled and highly valuable depth of understanding of the crucial interface between fuels, lubricants and the engine and transmission.

Ricardo fuels and lubricants services: 

  • Chemical analysis
  • Interactions of fuels and lubricants with conventional and advanced powertrain concepts
  • Performance, emissions and fuel consumption powertrain testing
  • NVH testing based on different fuel and lubricant products
  • Global, regional and local market studies
  • Strategic consulting

Key benefits of the Ricardo service: 

  • In-depth understanding of the particular needs and interests of all main stakeholders including oil and additive companies, vehicle manufacturers, component suppliers, policy makers and regulatory authorities
  • Able to assist with new innovations in both engine technologies and fuels and lubricants to ensure compliance with emerging emissions regulations
  • Ricardo has a deep understanding of global industry trends, drivers and technology roadmaps for introduction of new fuel and lubricant types and is well positioned to offer consultancy
  • A diverse range of technically challenging work can be performed at our facilities to assess specific issues or to benchmark new products