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Research & Technology

Research and innovation has been at the very core of Ricardo’s DNA since its foundation nearly a century ago. Today, Ricardo is as active as ever in developing the technology and intellectual property that will form the basis of tomorrow’s more sustainable products. Through internal research, industrial research partnerships and government sponsored collaborative projects, Ricardo remains at the cutting edge of  technology in all our products, market sectors and geographic territories.

A world-leader in multi-industry research and innovation: 

  • Extensive experience of the formation and co-ordination of international research consortia including academia, industrial partners and other key stakeholders
  • Success in securing government funding for pre-competitive research initiatives aimed at meeting state or regional strategic objectives
  • A solid track record of large research programme management ensuring delivery of actionable results and tangible, commercially exploitable intellectual property
  • A robust and thoroughly objective technology planning approach based on compilation of detailed industry ‘Technology Roadmaps’ – this service is also offered to our industrial, regulatory authority and governmental clients
  • Ricardo generates intellectual capital through its technology development and innovation activities that is available for licence by customers
  • Provision of independent development resources for customers’ advanced technology projects – including advanced research tools and techniques
  • Comprehensive due diligence services for technology investors
  • Strategic advice and consultancy to customers on exploitation of their own IPR

Key benefits of the Ricardo service:

  • Access to world-class teams of research and development specialists with expertise and experience across a wide range of industrial sectors
  • A collaborative partner and innovator independent of any manufacturer or large industrial grouping and hence completely unbiased and fully objective
  • A range of technical solutions and insights in all of the sectors in which we operate – enables customers to implement new innovations more quickly and robustly

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