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HyBoost - Intelligent Electrification

A combination of low cost technologies used with a high degree of synergy to deliver micro-hybrid operation using a combination of gasoline engine downsizing, & intelligent stop/start

Key Facts

Downsized Gasoline Engine:
  • Downsized, highly boosted gasoline engine gives improved fuel economy at low cost
  • Downsizing results in operation at high load factor and generates high exhaust enthalpy
  • E-Charger and Electric Turbo compound
E-charger for improved transient response and potential to increase pressure ratio

High speed switched reluctance machine attached to turbocharger shaft acts as generator, turning exhaust enthalpy into electricity

Low Cost Energy Storage:

12V AGM Lead Acid battery plus supercapacitors allows high current operation for engine stop/start and turbo shaft acceleration and supports micro-hybrid operating modes

  • Compatible with existing 12V vehicle architecture
Micro-Hybrid - 12V or 12+X belt mounted electric machine allowing:
  • Engine stop/start operation
  • Mild regenerative braking
  • Efficient electrical generation
  • Delivery of turbo compound electricity to crankshaft
  • Mounted in position of conventional alternator

Targets (C-segment car) <100g/km NEDC CO2; cost below Diesel 

Target Assumptions:
  • Base vehicle (2.0 litre Gasoline): 169g/km
  • Aggressively downsized DI, low loss engine -25%
  • Add stop-start and 6kW re-generation -10%
  • Add cooled EGR and Miller cycle operation -6%
  • Taller gear ratios + gearshift indicator light -7%
  • HyBoost vehicle 99.7g/km

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