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Staff Testimonials - UK

Cambridge Technical Centre – Staff Testimonials

Darren Sexton – Principal Engineer & Team Leader

"I chose to return to Ricardo for the variety of experience available. In recent years I have worked on projects from a hybrid controller, automatic transmissions, power-generation through to a novel tug to tow aircraft resulting in significant fuel savings. These projects have spanned industries as diverse as automotive, specialist vehicles and aerospace.

Although based in the attractive town of Cambridge the variety extends to travel – from working with colleagues in Shoreham or Leamington Spa through to travel in Europe, Israel & China. Often projects provide an opportunity to engage with engineers from very different cultures.
So for me the key attraction is variety – of projects, industries & partners."

John Bailey – Principal Engineer
"This year will be my 11th year working for Ricardo in Cambridge.  Since joining the company as a junior engineer I’ve undertaken two assignments at overseas Ricardo offices totalling over four years which has allowed me to work with a wide variety of other engineers and clients on a diverse array of projects, ranging from research into next generation engine control technology through to the design and construction, from a clean sheet, of a fully-functional demonstration hybrid military vehicle.  Having progressed to the post of Principal Engineer, I’m currently responsible for a team working on exploiting Ricardo’s R&D to provide a key system for a niche hybrid vehicle.”

Geoff Frost – Principal Engineer
"Ricardo has enabled me to focus on gaining expertise in techniques of model-based design and auto-generation of embedded control software.  With that grounding I’ve gone on to mentor and lead teams of control engineers in taking their control theories from paper through to in-vehicle production software for a wide range of applications including IC engine management, transmission control (traditional automatics, DCTs and hybrid drivetrains), battery management systems and intelligent transport systems.  Flexible work arrangements have given me the opportunity to achieve that whilst also raising a young family. ”

Raphal Djondo - Software Systems Engineer

"After an experience as a Software Engineer in the Aeronautic sector in Canada, I began working for Ricardo last year as a Software Systems Engineer in Cambridge, UK. Since I joined Ricardo, I have been working for the Taxibot project which, on the Cambridge site, involves Safety Engineering, Software Engineering and Systems Control. Working on such innovative product is a challenge and I can say that this is one of the best projects I have worked on. It is very rewarding to implement steering software modules and prevent hazards for this massive automated vehicle pulling aircrafts heavier than 70 tonnes.
What struck me when I arrived at Ricardo, apart from the high quality of the engineers, is that everyone really has the opportunity to propose improvements to processes and tools and make other teams benefit from good ideas by spreading them."


Midlands Technical Centre – Staff Testimonials


Jo Elgood - Vehicle Analysis & Simulation Team Leader
"I started Ricardo as a CAE engineer in 2002 at MTC.  I quickly broadened my CAE experience and while I primarily work within vehicle engineering, I have also supported a number of diverse projects in clean energy, engine and transmissions, light and heavy duty trucks, and military vehicles.  In addition to diverse engineering projects, I also became increasingly involved with customer visits, generating new proposals and project planning.  I was keen to travel and completed a number of trips within Europe, China, and India, including a 6 month secondment in Germany. I progressed to senior engineer and then principal engineer where I provided the CAE technical lead within large vehicle programmes.  My current role is Vehicle CAE Team Leader where I manage a team of 8 analysts.  I am always looking to apply new and existing tools in novel ways in order to advance team capabilities and deliver high value added results, and an environment exists here for me to do so.  Ricardo provides me with interesting and diverse technical challenges, as well as the career path I am looking for. "

Ed Simpson - Senior Vehicle Engineer
“After leaving University I joined Ricardo within the Vehicle Engineering Department.  I spent my first two years working through the Ricardo Graduate Scheme before ultimately progressing to my current position as Senior Vehicle Engineer, specialising in Powertrain systems.  Throughout the past 4 years I have been involved in a variety of projects including military, commercial vehicles and luxury passenger cars.  I have been involved in vehicle system design from the concept stages, and followed the designs through to volume production readiness, incorporating vehicle reliability, durability and development testing along the way.  I have travelled and worked in a number of different locations, both at Ricardo and on customers sites, and have had the opportunity to participate in a number of training courses ranging from Management to Life Cycle Assessment and to Influencing Skills.  Ricardo has also given me the opportunity to fulfil all of the requirements to become a Chartered Engineer and within the next few weeks I will be in a position to apply for this through the IMechE.”

Candida Gerrard - Receptionist
"I have worked for Ricardo for 10 years. As the Receptionist for MTC, I meet a vast amount of people from all kinds of Companies.
I strive to make all visitors feel  important and to offer a polished  Corporate image for Ricardo. MTC is a highly maintained and smart working environment with great facilities. Ricardo employ’s outstanding people, and that’s what makes it a sterling Company to work for."

Steve Wellstead – Project Director – Vehicle Engineering Programmes
"Since joining Ricardo in 1996 my career has taken me around the world testing in the Arctic Circle, the deserts of Arizona and at altitude in the Alps.  With many sides to our business, I have worked on projects designing control software and developing engine performance on a diverse range of products from snowmobiles to supercars.  The breadth and depth of talent in the Ricardo team make for an extremely rewarding working environment.  Now as Project Director for a portfolio of Vehicle Engineering programmes Ricardo continues to provide me with new challenges and opportunities."


Shoreham Technical Centre – Staff Testimonials

Ian Clarke – UK IT Manager
“I started at Ricardo in 1999, fresh out of university, working as a web developer (the first in Ricardo) on the corporate Intranet. As a small team built up around me I was offered the role of team leader which gave me opportunity to travel to the other divisions in the UK, US and Prague. After a couple of years in the role the post of IT Infrastructure Manager became available which I applied for and obtained. This involved a change in skill set managing the server & network teams which was a steep learning curve but ultimately more rewarding and Ricardo supported me with relevant external training. After being in this role for a year I was given the opportunity to take on management of the IT department as a whole, then 2 years after that the three IT departments across the UK which is where I am today. Working at Ricardo has given me excellent opportunities to further my career not just with respect to developing my skills but also in giving me international experience and exposure."

Richard Murphy – Manager – Test Operations
"I joined Ricardo in 2000 having studied Mechanical Engineering and Maths at Trinity College Dublin. I was drawn to Ricardo because they promised to challenge me both personally and professionally and in that regard it's been everything I could have hoped for. I started work in gasoline engine development and was lucky enough to be involved in a huge range of projects from buses to superbikes during my time there. Personal highlights included spending three months in Korea working onsite at a major OEM which was a tremendous experience, two years in world superbikes and more recently leading the test and development team on the McLaren super car engine program. Development from within is core to Ricardo and in 2007 I successfully applied to replace the outgoing Test Operations manager who was himself off for a three year secondment to Ricardo India. As testing manager I am responsible for the delivery of testing on all our component rigs, engine test beds and vehicle test facilities which is a role that continues to challenge and motivate me every day. Come and join Ricardo, you won’t regret it!!!"

Ed Bower – Senior Project Engineer – Technology, Innovation and Strategy
"Between 1999 & 2004 I worked a placement and summer vacations at Ricardo – this was my first introduction to the world of Ricardo.  In 2004 I joined as a Development engineer in Fluid Dynamics and Simulation and since then I have worked on a wide variety of different projects.  I have become an expert in performance simulation and the use of Ricardo WAVE software.  Working for Ricardo has taken me across the world with Japan, Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Portugal being some of the countries I have visited.  My development has been significant and Ricardo sponsored me through an MSC in Automotive Technology Management at Cranfield University.  I have found Ricardo to be an excellent place to develop a broad base of skills and experience in a variety of engineering applications."


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