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GT1 Transverse Gearbox

This 6 speed sequential transverse transaxle was specifically designed for GT1, for use in a front engine rear wheel drive GT application.

Developed using the same fully race proven and validated internal components, from the 2008 and 2009 Japanese Super GT Championship winning cars.  In this GT1 configuration the transmission successfully completed the 2009 SPA 24hr race at it's first attempt.

Ricardo has focussed on weight and performance with this transmission, maintaining an exceptional high quality with a fewer part count and lower running costs.  This transaxle comes with a lightweight magnesium casing forming a non structural housing and weighs in at only 53kgs (116 lbs) and is rated to 700Nm.







Rally Raid Cross Country Gearbox

Ricardo are able to offer a complete 4WD rally raid transmission package with either a 6 speed (gasoline) sequential configuration or a 5 speed (diesel) configuration.  Both variants are fitted with a V/C centre diff (with diff lock) as standard, Ricardo is also able to supply front and rear differential assemblies.

Helping to establish the Ricardo design ethos focussing on weight and performance this transmission was developed as a specific Dakar Rally project and since first winning the Dakar in 2003 has been iterated and further developed achieving considerable success with multiple wins in the event.  It is a proven rally raid winning gearbox, combining Ricardo's exceptional quality and reliability and is now available as a customer product.


Rally Raid Front Differential Assembly

This single stage front differential assembly was designed as part of a total driveline package, specifically to work in conjunction with the Ricardo rear differential assembly when used with the rally raid 4WD transmission.  This front differential assembly is fitted with a V/C differential and has been designed to meet the FIA minimum driveline weight limit. 




Rally Raid Rear Differential Assembly

This single stage rear differential assembly was designed as part of a total driveline package, specifically to work in conjunction with the Ricardo front differential assembly when used with the Ricardo rally raid 4WD transmission.  This rear differential assembly is fitted with a ramp and plate differential and has been designed to meet the FIA minimum driveline weight limit.


Longitudinal Gearbox


This well proven longitudinal transaxle has been the transmission of choice for a number of very successful single seater race series over several years, the magnesium casing incorporates rear wishbone and suspension mounting points to enable it to be used as a structural part of the chassis. 

It is a 6 speed, sequential transaxle with the gears configured longitudinally, ahead of the differential, and is currently used in the 2010 World Series by Renault FR3.5, the 2010 Firestone Indy Lights Series and was also used in the Grand Prix Masters Series.  The transmission is rated at 500Nm.




LMP Transverse Gearbox

This benchmark setting sportscar transaxle was designed specifically for use at Le Mans and other endurance sportscar events.  It is suitable for use in both LMP1 and LMP2 categories.  The ratio set is based upon the highly proven Audi R8 unit and can be used with either a semi-automatic selection system (electric or pneumatic) or a conventional manual selector.


This 6 speed sequential transaxle is rated at 750Nm and is the smallest and lowest weight in it's class at 65kgs.  It comes with a magnesium alloy case and has been designed to be used as a stressed chassis member coming with rear wishbone and suspension mounting points.



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