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Cylinder Block Analysis

The ENGDYN solution provides all of the loads required for the concise analysis of the powertrain structure.  With its automated model preparation features and integrated finite element solver for model reduction, ENGDYN has all of the tools to build fully three-dimensional systems within one environment. Also included are an extensive array of FEA interface tools that fully automate the process of applying the ENGDYN results as boundary conditions to further FEA structural analyses. These can be set up for all major FEA solvers, or alternatively, ENGDYN can be combined with Ricardo Software’s own FEA environment FEARCE to complete the entire process right through to durability analysis.


  • Crankcase durability
  • Thermo-mechanical simulation of powertrain structure

Key Features

  • Automated preparation tools
  • Fast model set up
  • Internal solver
  • Quasi-static time domain solutions
  • Frequency and time domain nodal vibration stress analyses Integrated FEA interface 
  • Automatic loading of the FE model for major commercial solvers

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