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Yamabiko selects PISDYN 
Ricardo Software is pleased to announce that Yamabiko has chosen PISDYN.   To learn more about Yamabiko products and technology, visit:

Ricardo Software will attend IPG Technology Conference 23 - 24 September 2014

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Ricardo Software and CAE Newsletter 1/2014

In issue 1/2014:

Pages 1-3: Sound quality
How Jaguar Land Rover used Ricardo WAVE software to create the right sound for the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport

Pages 3-4: Exhaust vibration
Independent engineering specialist Martin Unbehaun uses WAVE and FEARCE to eliminate unwanted vibration from gas excitation

Page 4: Application Engineering
Ricardo Software launches a new service to help licensees maximize their effectiveness and return on investment in CAE

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Ricardo Software reduces the product development time and provides higher quality in the end for Automotive OEMs and Suppliers

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Ricardo Software is delighted to announce the addition of Newman Technology, Inc. to our WAVE customer base
Established in 1987, Newman Technology, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sankei Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd. of Japan. They are a leading supplier of fabricated and value-added assemblies to the automotive and recreational vehicle markets. The company aim is to harmonize the latest technologies with their human resources to produce competitive products for a changing marketplace.  To find out more about Newman Technology, Inc., please visit:


Ricardo WAVE software helped mi Technology, a CSA Group company and OakTec Hybrid win places in final for Shell Springboard award for their novel 'self-supercharging' engine design
The 400cc engine is the result of a collaboration between mi Technology and OakTec Hybrid and Simon Hindle (Independent). The new engine concept holds huge potential in a wide variety of applications and sectors.

Ricardo Software is very proud to announce that WAVE software was used for the optimisation of the prototype specification of the engine. Mr. Waqas Awan from mi Technology also commented: "Ricardo Software support has played vital role in the huge success of the project."

Ricardo Software wishes all involved parties much success with the further development of this ground-breaking design and look forward to be involved in future projects. Contributed to the project have: Paul Andrews (Oaktec Hybrids), Waqas Awan (mi Technology, a CSA Group Company), Jeremy Dale (GOTec Vehicle Systems) and Simon Hindle. For more information on mi Technology, please visit


Ricardo Software and IPG Automotive implemented advanced real-time engine models in IPG’s virtual test driving platform CarMaker

A physically accurate real-time engine model created by WAVE-RT has been integrated into IPG CarMaker. The coupled solution allows a new level of realism for simulating transient vehicle behavior under user-prescribed driving conditions. Possible applications include: detailed fuel efficiency studies, OBD calibration and testing, drive cycle simulations, race lap time optimization and more. A demo of this new capability will be shown at Ricardo Software’s upcoming European User Conference, which will take place in Ludwigsburg on April, 8th 2014.



- IPG Carmaker:

- European User Conference:


Run WAVE in the cloud with Rescale

Ricardo Software is happy to announce that customers can now run WAVE in the cloud using Rescale’s cloud simulation platform. Rescale offers simple access to large scale HPC platforms with a pre-configured solution for WAVE using Run Distribution. Customers can simply upload a WAVE model with any number of cases and solve them on any number of CPUs on a pay-per-use basis. To see how easy it is, visit:

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Ricardo Software is delighted to announce that Duraldur S.p.A is the latest addition to the PISDYN/FEARCE user base

Duraldur is based in Italy and specializes in the production of castings and forging pistons, air-cooled cylinders and centrifugal liners. For more information on Duraldur, please visit:

For more information on the complex piston analysis using Ricardo PISDYN & FEARCE please Click here

Ricardo Software and CAE Newsletter 2/2013

In this issue:

Pages 1-3: Low emissions off-highway combustion
How Ricardo Software’s WAVE and VECTIS products are used to help realize Tier 4 compliant combustion systems based on Ricardo’s TVCS technology

Pages 3-4: New levels of accuracy and efficiency for vehicle simulation
The launch of the new IGNITETM product helps manufacturers save time and resources while optimizing new vehicle designs for performance and fuel economy

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