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Yamabiko selects PISDYN 
Ricardo Software is pleased to announce that Yamabiko has chosen PISDYN.   To learn more about Yamabiko products and technology, visit:

Ricardo Software will attend IPG Technology Conference 23 - 24 September 2014

To learn more: Click here

Ricardo Software and CAE Newsletter 1/2014

In issue 1/2014:

Pages 1-3: Sound quality
How Jaguar Land Rover used Ricardo WAVE software to create the right sound for the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport

Pages 3-4: Exhaust vibration
Independent engineering specialist Martin Unbehaun uses WAVE and FEARCE to eliminate unwanted vibration from gas excitation

Page 4: Application Engineering
Ricardo Software launches a new service to help licensees maximize their effectiveness and return on investment in CAE

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Ricardo Software reduces the product development time and provides higher quality in the end for Automotive OEMs and Suppliers

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Ricardo Software is delighted to announce the addition of Newman Technology, Inc. to our WAVE customer base
Established in 1987, Newman Technology, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sankei Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd. of Japan. They are a leading supplier of fabricated and value-added assemblies to the automotive and recreational vehicle markets. The company aim is to harmonize the latest technologies with their human resources to produce competitive products for a changing marketplace.  To find out more about Newman Technology, Inc., please visit:


Ricardo WAVE software helped mi Technology, a CSA Group company and OakTec Hybrid win places in final for Shell Springboard award for their novel 'self-supercharging' engine design
The 400cc engine is the result of a collaboration between mi Technology and OakTec Hybrid and Simon Hindle (Independent). The new engine concept holds huge potential in a wide variety of applications and sectors.

Ricardo Software is very proud to announce that WAVE software was used for the optimisation of the prototype specification of the engine. Mr. Waqas Awan from mi Technology also commented: "Ricardo Software support has played vital role in the huge success of the project."

Ricardo Software wishes all involved parties much success with the further development of this ground-breaking design and look forward to be involved in future projects. Contributed to the project have: Paul Andrews (Oaktec Hybrids), Waqas Awan (mi Technology, a CSA Group Company), Jeremy Dale (GOTec Vehicle Systems) and Simon Hindle. For more information on mi Technology, please visit


Ricardo Software and IPG Automotive implemented advanced real-time engine models in IPG’s virtual test driving platform CarMaker

A physically accurate real-time engine model created by WAVE-RT has been integrated into IPG CarMaker. The coupled solution allows a new level of realism for simulating transient vehicle behavior under user-prescribed driving conditions. Possible applications include: detailed fuel efficiency studies, OBD calibration and testing, drive cycle simulations, race lap time optimization and more. A demo of this new capability will be shown at Ricardo Software’s upcoming European User Conference, which will take place in Ludwigsburg on April, 8th 2014.



- IPG Carmaker:

- European User Conference:


Run WAVE in the cloud with Rescale

Ricardo Software is happy to announce that customers can now run WAVE in the cloud using Rescale’s cloud simulation platform. Rescale offers simple access to large scale HPC platforms with a pre-configured solution for WAVE using Run Distribution. Customers can simply upload a WAVE model with any number of cases and solve them on any number of CPUs on a pay-per-use basis. To see how easy it is, visit:

For more information on Rescale Click here

Ricardo Software is delighted to announce that Duraldur S.p.A is the latest addition to the PISDYN/FEARCE user base

Duraldur is based in Italy and specializes in the production of castings and forging pistons, air-cooled cylinders and centrifugal liners. For more information on Duraldur, please visit:

For more information on the complex piston analysis using Ricardo PISDYN & FEARCE please Click here

Ricardo Software and CAE Newsletter 2/2013

In this issue:

Pages 1-3: Low emissions off-highway combustion
How Ricardo Software’s WAVE and VECTIS products are used to help realize Tier 4 compliant combustion systems based on Ricardo’s TVCS technology

Pages 3-4: New levels of accuracy and efficiency for vehicle simulation
The launch of the new IGNITETM product helps manufacturers save time and resources while optimizing new vehicle designs for performance and fuel economy

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Ricardo Software is delighted to announce the addition of mi Technology Group Ltd. to our WAVE customer base

The mi Technology Group is a completely independent, privately owned group delivering analysis, development, testing and consultancy services to manufacturers and suppliers around the world. Based in Lancashire UK, mi Technology Group offers services in the fields of commercial vehicle, passenger car, off-road, rail, aero-space, military and green technology. To find out more about mi Technology Group, please visit:

Record Attendance at 2013 Ricardo Software User Conferences in Europe and China

Ricardo Software held two successful User Conferences in Germany and China in the spring of this year.

The European User Conference, held in Ludwigsburg, Germany, in early April was attended by over 80 people with presentations of 5 papers covering our VECTIS, WAVE, WaveBuild3D, and VALDYN Products. Presentations were made by Volkswagen, Jaguar Land Rover, EnginSoft, Audi as well as Imperial College London, Federal Mogul and the University of Cambridge. Audi’s presentation highlighted their use of WAVE during the development of the current-generation S8 Sedan and showcased this vehicle at the conference. A wide range of topics were covered including Emissions Formations Modeling for Gasoline Direct Injection Engines using VECTIS, designing a New Broadband Resonator using WAVE, and an analytical process to minimize gear rattle throughout all the phases of transmission design and development.

Key poster presentations included Ricardo Software demonstrating the trailblazing technology of WAVE-RT running on the Ricardo rCube2 prototype as well as the electrifying commercial preview of IGNITE. Esben Nielsen from Audi was awarded ‘Best Presentation’ based on a vote by the audience and his prize included a Samsung Chromebook sponsored by EnginSoft.

The Chinese Conference, held in Shanghai, proved to be just as successful as the European conference. With 98 people from 38 different companies in attendance, 5 different user presentations covering our VECTIS, VALDYN, FEARCE, ENGDYN, and WAVE products were presented with workshops on the second day of the conference. Dynamic presentations from SAIC and SGMW discussed applications of these Ricardo Software tools.

We would like to thank everyone for making this years’ conferences a success and look forward to next year!

Ricardo Software Demonstrates First Physical Real-Time Engine Model on a Prototyping Engine ECU

Ricardo Software recently demonstrated the first real-time, physics-based, crank-angle resolved engine model on a prototyping engine electronic control unit (ECU). This test of Ricardo patented technology marks a significant breakthrough toward demonstration on a production ECU.

The demonstration, made at Ricardo Software’s European Users Conference in Ludwigsburg, Germany, showed a unique solution in the use of WAVE-RT, a real-time, crank-angle resolved 1-D gas dynamics model, on Ricardo’s proprietary rapid prototyping engine ECU system, rCube2. Operated in parallel with conventional and advanced control, the demonstration was run faster than real time so that all requested parameters were provided with a slight time advance. In the future, the implementation of a WAVE-RT physics-based engine model on production ECUs will enable advanced control algorithms, the potential to decrease engine costs via virtual sensing, and improved reliability from improved on-board diagnostics.

Starting from a standard WAVE model, the push-button method and resulting crank-angle resolved accuracy of WAVE-RT is completely unique on the market. Saving days of time compared with traditional mean-value models, and delivering accuracy and speed without simplification, WAVE-RT represents a significant breakthrough for both desktop, lab and road applications. Based on this technology Ricardo was recently awarded a patent for the application of physics-based engine models in embedded environments.

For more information about WAVE and WAVE-RT visit our product pages, or contact your local Ricardo Software representative.

Ricardo joins open source consortium in sign of commitment to Modelica-based CAE

To learn more: Click here.

Ricardo is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Red Cedar Technology (RCT)

Located in East Lansing, Michigan USA, Red Cedar Technology develops and markets industry-leading design system exploration technology. Ricardo Software is excited to announce that we will be embedding RCT’s powerful design and optimization technology within our new vehicle system modeling and simulation tool, IGNITE. This capability will allow our users to quickly identify vehicle system design variables and constraints, select quantities to minimize or maximize, and easily find optimal designs and design sensitivities.

To learn more about IGNITE: Click here

To learn more about Red Cedar Technology, please visit:

To view the Red Cedar Technology press release: Click here

Ricardo Software expands relationship with Caterpillar Inc.

Ricardo Software is proud to announce that Caterpillar has added FEARCE to its analysis software portfolio. Caterpillar already uses PISDYN and RINGPAK to help develop its products.

Yamaha selects VECTIS for IC engine CFD

Ricardo Software is pleased to announce that Yamaha has chosen VECTIS for engine development CFD. Yamaha recently provided information about their use of VECTIS at our 2012 Japanese User Conference October. To learn more about Yamaha’s products and technology, visit:

Ricardo Software is pleased to announce the addition of Bosal Emission Control Systems to the WAVE user base

Bosal ECS supplies solutions for emission controls, energy management and sound design to OEM customers in the automotive and Off Road market. Bosal´s customer base includes all major car manufacturers worldwide as well as a variety of leading industrial conglomerates. Filip Dörge, manager Acoustical Engineering:

“I’m very excited with the addition of WAVE/WaveBuild3D to our simulation portfolio. It strengthens further our position to supply optimal and innovative solutions within a reduced lead-time in a highly collaborative OEM environment.”

Established in 1923 in Alkmaar, the Bosal Group and its ECS division are headquartered in Lummen, Belgium. To find out more about Bosal, please visit:

Kraken Engineering has joined our VALDYN user base

Ricardo Software is pleased to announce that Kraken Engineering has joined our VALDYN user base. Kraken Engineering is a consultancy business based in Belgium with extensive professional experience in both measurement and simulation, especially (but not only) applied to powertrains. Focused on motorsport, Kraken Engineering aims to provide quality engineering support in a wide range of applications. To find out more about Kraken, please visit:

We know what this button does...

Ricardo Software is happy to link you to a USA Today story about the new 2012 Porsche 911's sport exhaust system, designed using WAVE (as presented at the 2012 European User Conference in March).

dB(A) FAST selects WAVE as their primary tool for Automotive NVH design and acoustic predictions

Ricardo Software is pleased to announce that dB(A) FAST Ltd. has joined our growing list of WAVE users across the world. dB(A) FAST was started this year by ex-Faurecia NVH Specialist Roger Chuter to provide NVH and back-pressure support to the Automotive and Aerospace Industries. To learn more about dB(A) FAST, visit:

New Optimus interface for Ricardo WAVE further accelerates engine performance analysis

Noesis Solutions, renowned for the Optimus process integration and design optimization software, and Ricardo Software, a leading developer of powertrain-related design and analysis software, today announce the availability of a new Optimus interface for Ricardo WAVE. To learn more, visit:

Suzuki selects VECTIS for IC engine CFD

Ricardo Software is proud to announce that Suzuki Motor Corporation has chosen VECTIS for its internal combustion engine CFD applications. Upon the successful completion of a competitive benchmark, VECTIS was selected for its superior speed and robustness. To learn more about Suzuki's mobility products and technology, visit:

BAE Systems, US Land & Armaments division, selects Ricardo SABR/GEAR for transmission and gear design

Ricardo Software is pleased to announce that BAE Systems has joined our growing list of SABR/GEAR users across the world. BAE Systems is a global defence and security company employing around 100,000 people worldwide. Their wide-ranging products and services cover air, land and naval forces, as well as advanced electronics, security, information technology, and support services. To learn more about BAE Systems, visit:

Sharda uses Ricardo Software for exhaust R&D

Sharda Motor Industries, India’s largest manufacturer of automotive exhaust systems, has opened a new, state-of-the-art technical center in Chennai, India. A strategic collaboration with Ricardo has them using WAVE for the latest in CAE technology. To read the complete article, visit:

Honda chooses WAVE for engine development

Ricardo Software is pleased to announce that Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has selected WAVE and WAVE-RT as its standard tool for simulating engine performance, NVH, and model-based controls and calibration. For more information about Honda, visit:

Triumph Motorcycles expands usage of Ricardo Software tools

Ricardo Software is proud to announce that Triumph Motorcycles has added FEARCE, PISDYN and VALDYN to their analysis software portfolio. Triumph already uses WAVE and SABR to help develop their exciting products. Triumph Motorcycles have always had a special character - distinctive design, performance pedigree, outstanding engineering and a unique engine sound. Triumph’s philosophy is a commitment to developing class leading motorcycles with distinctive looks, sound and performance. To find out more about Triumph’s range of range of parallel twin and three cylinder bikes, visit:

How a sports car gets its roar

Ricardo Software is proud to refer to a clip from a BBC special entitled "How to Build a Super Car", originally aired on Sunday, November 20th, 2011. Matt Maunder, a technical specialist with Ricardo's consulting engineers, is an expert at applying WAVE for acoustic development and used it extensively during the development programme for the MP4-12C. To view the clip, visit:

Lockheed Martin selects WAVE

Ricardo Software is pleased to announce that Lockheed Martin has joined our growing list of WAVE users across the world. Lockheed Martin is a global security company engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services. To learn more about Lockheed Martin, visit:

SGMW selects Ricardo Software products

Ricardo Software is pleased to announce that SGMW (China) has licensed Ricardo Software products for powertrain engineering applications. As Ricardo Software continues to grow its business in China we are pleased to count China’s leading mini-vehicle OEM as a customer. To learn more about SGMW, visit:

sidion selects WAVE

Ricardo Software is proud to announce that sidion has added Ricardo WAVE software to their CAE-tool portfolio. Sidion is a German consultancy business which has been established for over 15 years. Based in Suttgart, sidion works with many renowned OEM and Tier1 clients from the automotive industry. To learn more about sidion, visit:

Boosting economy with WAVE

Readers of Ricardo Software&CAE will already be very familiar with Ford Motor Company’s use of WAVE and WAVE-RT for development of its diesel and gasoline engines worldwide. In the April issue of Engine Technology International, the magazine’s editor Dean Slavnich describes how the company has used WAVE in the design and development of its latest highly downsized 3-cylinder turbo-gasoline engine. In an engine that promises to be “the Blue Oval’s greenest powertrain design to date” initial goals are anticipated to be achieving CO2 emissions that come in under the 100g/km mark, and for the I3 unit to deliver comparable power and torque to a larger I4 engine. Read the full article on-line at:

Achates Power expands usage of Ricardo Software tools

Ricardo Software is proud to announce that Achates Power has recently added to their portfolio of Ricardo Software products. Achates, located in San Diego, CA, is an innovator of efficient and low emission combustion engines. Ricardo is proud to support Achates’ mission of applying advanced powertrain CAE analysis tools to today’s combustion engine challenges. To learn more about Achates, visit:


Ricardo Software is pleased to announce that KYMCO has selected WAVE and VALDYN for virtual powertrain simulation. Established in 1963, KYMCO is a leading Taiwanese two-wheeler, ATV and utility engine OEM. KYMCO’s focus on R&D and advanced engineering, including the use of technology such as Ricardo Software products, supports a global strategy to expand their portfolio of Power-Driven Products. To learn more about KYMCO visit:

MACIMEX (Mexico) selects ENGDYN and VALDYN

Ricardo Software is proud to announce that MACIMEX (Mexico) has decided to select a suite of ENGDYN and VALDYN for crankshaft design. MACIMEX is a leading enterprise for crankshafts and precision machining manufacture. It is considered as the biggest worldwide independent crankshafts manufacturer, with a current production capability of 2,300,000 crankshafts per year. To learn more about MACIMEX, visit:

VW-Research (Wolfsburg, Germany) adds FEARCE to portfolio

Ricardo Software is proud to announce that VW-Research (Wolfsburg, Germany) has decided to add the FEARCE software to their software portfolio in 2011. The software will be used for the mapping of heat transfer coefficients calculated by 3D CFD (VECTIS) on to FE models.

New A.C.E Institute selects WAVE-RT

Ricardo Software is pleased to announce that New A.C.E. Institute, a leading research group in Japan, has chosen to use WAVE-RT for advanced control system development. New A.C.E's research work focuses on diesel combustion to reduce exhaust emissions and increase thermal efficiency of future automotive diesel engines by using high boost and high EGR rates.

Piaggio selects Ricardo Software Suite

Ricardo Software is pleased to announce that Piaggio has decided to continue the long standing relationship between our two companies by renewing their extensive suite of Ricardo Software products. The Piaggio Group is the largest European manufacturer of two-wheeled motor vehicles and one the world's leaders in its sector. The group owns renowned brands such as Aprilia, Vespa and Moto Guzzi as well being a major international player in the commercial vehicle sector. To learn more about the Piaggo group, visit:

Eminox joins Ricardo WAVE user base

Ricardo Software is pleased to announce that Eminox Ltd has joined the Ricardo WAVE/WB3D user base. Eminox is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of purpose-designed exhaust and emission control systems for commercial vehicles. The company has a range of innovative solutions for meeting emissions legislation. Systems are designed and developed using market leading technologies, combined with applications engineering expertise. To learn more about Eminox, visit:

Yamaha expands VECTIS into Moto GP Group

Ricardo Software is pleased to announce that Yamaha, a long standing Ricardo Software customer, is expanding usage of VECTIS into their Moto GP engineering team. To learn more about Yamaha's world championship Moto GP bike, visit:

Ricardo announce SABR remote link

Ricardo Software is pleased to announce a remote link from SABR and SABR/GEAR to Dontyne's Load Analysis Model. This link enables a seamless throughput of information from SABR/GEAR to the Load Analysis Model which performs specialist high quality tooth contact analysis. For more information please visit:

Ricardo signs new WAVE customer

Ricardo Software is proud to announce the recent addition of Mechanology to our community of WAVE licensees. For information about Mechanology’s novel compressor, expander, and power recovery technologies visit:

Ricardo signs three new WAVE-RT customers

Ricardo Software is pleased to announce that three industry leaders, Ford, Isuzu and Kubota, are new WAVE-RT customers. To learn more about WAVE-RT and how it can accelerate engine control system development, please visit:

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