The light duty Hydra engine is available in standard or custom design, with bores from 65mm to 110mm and strokes up to 110mm. Of modular construction, it can be operated on gasoline, diesel and alternative fuels, including compressed natural gas (CNG), methanol and hydrogen.

Conventional gasoline and diesel versions of the Hydra are available, as are gasoline direct injection (GDI) arrangements, controlled auto-ignition (CAI) arrangements and camless hydraulic valve actuation (HVA) arrangements. In addition to a variety of unit cylinder heads, multi-cylinder engine cylinder heads can also be fitted to the Hydra.

The engine can be prepared for the installation of sensors and measuring devices, such as a cylinder pressure transducers and crank position sensor.

  • The Hydra design is inherently flexible, practical and durable. Applications for Ricardo Hydra engines include:
  • Light duty combustion system performance development
  • Advanced combustion research
  • Combustion control system testing
  • Valvetrain system testing, including cam-phasing
  • Electronic valve actuation testing
  • After-treatment system testing
  • Air motion studies
  • Component research and development
  • Fuel and lubricant development testing
  • Combustion with alternative fuels
  • Computer simulation model validation
  • Education

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Hydra Product Offerings

Ricardo aims to offer the engine arrangements and technologies that meet its customers' current and future needs. The Hydra product range currently consists of the following engine models:

  • Port Injection Gasoline Hydra
  • Direct Injection Gasoline Hydra
  • Indirect Injection (IDI) Diesel Hydra
  • Direct Injection (DI) Diesel Hydra
  • Twin-Mechanical Variable Lift (TMVL) Controlled Auto-Ignition (CAI) Hydra
  • Camless Hydraulic Valve Actuation (HVA) Hydra

Standard Hydra Product Offerings

The following standard Hydra research engines are currently available: 

    The Hydra engine is also available in custom design form. The modular design of the Hydra allows each of the following engine design parameters to be specified for each bespoke engine:

    • Bore (65mm to 110mm, including customer-specific cylinder head option)
    • Stroke (65mm to 110mm)
    • Combustion cycle (4-stroke / 2-stroke / 2-4 switching)
    • Combustion system (compression ignition / spark ignition)
    • Fuel type (gasoline / diesel / alternative fuels, including CNG, methanol and hydrogen)
    • Valves (2 valve / 4 valve)
    • Valve operation (push rod / overhead camshaft / camless hydraulic valve actuation)
    • Fuel injection equipment
    • Compression ratio
    • Balancing (primary / secondary)

    Upgrade, Conversion and Service Kits

    A wide range of conversion, upgrade and service kits are available for the Hydra. The modular design makes it possible for the vast majority of kits to be available for all base engines. The following conversion kits are currently available: 

    • C-GPF864 – 4v 86.0x86.0 PFI Gasoline Hydra 
    • C-DDI934 – 4v 93.0x90.0 HSDI Diesel Hydra
    • C-DDI864 – 4v 86.0x86.0 HSDI Diesel Hydra
    • C-DDI150 – 4v 84.0x90.0 150bar HSDI Diesel Hydra
    • C-DDI200 – 4v 84.0x90.0 200bar HSDI Diesel Hydra
    • C-STROKE – Modify the stroke of the engine
    • C-PCYLHD – Incorporate a production cylinder head top end
    • C-UCYLHD – Incorporate a customer supplied unit cylinder head top end
    • C-200BAR – 200bar crankcase upgrade
    • C-OPTACC – Optical and photographic access
    • SERV-BOT – Bottom end service kit (replacement bearings and seals)
    • SERV-TOP – Top end service kit (replacement gaskets)
    • SERV-TMG – Timing drive service kit (replacement belts and tensioners)

    More info contact: reseng@ricardo.com