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Passenger Car

The technological content of passenger cars in all international markets continues to increase on an unprecedented scale. Strict emissions regulations, demands for greater fuel economy and reduced carbon emissions are compounded by the commercial need to satisfy the demands of customers for product versatility, robustness and innovation. This includes the very latest infotainment and ITS solutions – as well as affordable whole-life costs. With its dedicated team of specialists and deep industry knowledge and experience, Ricardo is the passenger car engineering partner of choice for automakers and component suppliers.

Ricardo provides a complete vehicle development service for engines, transmissions, hybrid & electric vehicles as well as complete vehicle and intelligent transportation systems:

  • A comprehensive powertrain and vehicle development capability from concept design to upgrades, troubleshooting and niche manufacture
  • State-of-the-art CAE tools for the design, optimization and calibration of engines, drivelines and vehicles
  • Leading edge electronics and control technology
  • Full prototype and niche manufacturing and assembly facilities
  • Comprehensive powertrain, driveline and vehicle development and validation testing capabilities
  • Benchmark evaluation of competitor products and target setting
  • Design for low cost manufacture, optimum fuel economy and low emissions
  • Brand engineering including NVH, pass-by noise and sound quality optimization
  • Hybridization and electrification, including battery, fuel cell and energy management and storage system development
  • Life cycle cost optimization and warranty management

Key benefits of the Ricardo service:

  • One of the world’s leading independent passenger car developers
  • World-renowned expertise in powertrain and vehicle engineering
  • A world-class developer of new technology ranging from the latest gasoline, diesel, and alternative fuelled engines, to electric vehicles, fuel cell systems and energy storage solutions
  • Access to the proven and powerful Ricardo Software suite of CAE products
  • A flexible and collaborative approach providing tailored, innovative and imaginative solutions on a global basis, including technology transfer and training, and on site engineering support


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