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26 Jun 2023

The Ricardo Forthcoming Conference List provides details of planned Conferences and Exhibitions several years in advance. Download this sample to learn more. 

It is issued monthly as a pdf with descriptions of the Conferences and Webinars and also as a searchable spreadsheet. The conference list spreadsheet is searchable at a category level by market sector and product group and gives website details for all events covered.

Topics used to categorise the conferences and webinars are:

  • Motorcycles      
  • Passenger Cars
  • Commercial Vehicle       
  • Motorsport        
  • Agricultural & Industrial
  • Power Generation
  • Clean Energy         
  • Rail        
  • Aviation              
  • Marine 
  • Military and Defence     
  • Ammonia           
  • Hydrogen           
  • Fuels & Lubes    
  • Engines 
  • Hybrid & Electric Powertrains    
  • Vehicle Systems 
  • Autonomous and ITS      
  • Transmissions   
  • Materials

Typically, between 50 and 80 new conferences are added to the Conference List every month!


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