Rail graduate programme

A future leader

Develop your career through a range of challenging courses so that you can thrive in an area that is most suited to your interests. 

Get your career on track

We are looking for diverse, culturally aware, well-rounded and problem-solving graduates who who would like to work for a global company and gain real-world work experience. 

  • A completed technical education on bachelor or Master's degree
  • Affinity with transport or wanting to contribute to sustainability
  • Fluent speaking and writing in the Dutch language

We are looking for graduates who are: 

Curious in nature: Always looking for how things are put together, how it can be better or to find the best solution for the client. 

Entrepreneurial: You like to connect quickly, be involved and actively seek out projects and opportunities. 

Analytical: Able to solve complex challenges, but also understand what is the real challenge being experienced by the customer. 

Communicative: Not only do you like to solve the challenge, but you also want to share, present and explain this to your customer.

When you start with Rail, you will participate in our two-year graduate programme from day one. We offer a range of challenging courses so that you can develop in the direction that suits you best. With the guidance of a mentor, you will work in practice, so that you can quickly work independently with projects 

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