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Meet our executive team

The Group Executive Committee is responsible for delivering our vision and our strategy and ensuring that we execute consistently across the different parts of the business.

Graham Ritchie Transparent

Graham Ritchie

Chief Executive Officer

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Ian Gibson Transparent

Ian Gibson

Chief Financial Officer

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Mike Bell Transparent

Mike Bell

Chief Strategy and Digital Officer

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Iain Carmichael Transparent

Iain Carmichael

Managing Director, Rail

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Chet Gryczan Transparent

Chet Gryczan

Managing Director, Ricardo Defense Inc.

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Marques Mccammon Transparent

Marques McCammon

Managing Director, Automotive and Industrial

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Mary Moore Transparent

Mary Moore

Group People, Team and Organisation Director

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Natasha Perfect Transparent2

Natasha Perfect

Group Marketing and Communications Director

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Patricia Ryan Transparent

Patricia Ryan

Group General Counsel and Company Secretary

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Martin Starkey Transparent

Martin Starkey

Managing Director, Performance Products

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Rachel White

Rachel White

Global President, Clean Energy and Environmental Solutions

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Clive Wotton Transparent

Clive Wotton

Group Director, Sustainability, Quality and Risk

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