Guiding the Maritime industry towards a safe and sustainable energy transition

From policy through techno-economic analysis to deployment, our solutions help clients in the maritime industry reduce both cost and risk safely from new technology introduction. 

We're trusted by the entire maritime ecosystem

Ricardo is once again opening our doors to stakeholders from across the maritime sector with the aim of facilitating and accelerating the decarbonisation of the sector.  Register your interest to attend here.

We are leading the evolution of the maritime sector towards an efficient, sustainable and low-carbon future. Independent and impartial, we offer a level of industry expertise and technical capability across the full product life cycle for multiple international markets that few others are able to match.

Our deep technical and domain knowledge, complemented by expansive expertise in policy, economics, regulation, environmental and safety services, life cycle assessment, strategy and planning uniquely positions us to support our clients.

Our technical expertise and domain knowledge are unique within the global maritime sector. Organisations engaged in environmental policymaking  appreciate the depth and breadth of our maritime expertise.

Our forward-looking understanding of future policy, and development of scenarios shapes our private clients’ future strategic plans around investment decisions, costs of ownership and environmental impact. 

Our consultants have decades of experienced conducting multi-sector product life cycle assessment studies compliant to ISO 14040.

We have the longest-established and one of the largest specialist air quality team in the world and a world-leading chemical emergency response team.

We work across the whole maritime value chain. We provide high quality evidence-based research and advice for policy decisions. We analyse the techno-economic, social and environmental impacts of market drivers and disruptive technologies.

We innovate, implement and test: using the latest scientific understanding to shape our design and development of alternative power and propulsion systems with conventional and alternative fuels and energy sources.

Trusted by local, regional and national governments, environmental non-governmental organisations and international industry associations, we work extensively for the European Commission, (including supporting DG Climate Action), the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and IMO Member states, and have developed a zero emission blueprint for shipping with the International Chamber of Shipping.

Our private clients include some of the world’s largest port/harbour/marina operators, naval architects, shipbuilders, ship owners, operators and suppliers, marine engine original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), propulsion and power system tier one suppliers plus oil and gas companies.

We deliver turnkey engineering services around clean sustainable propulsion and energy systems: battery and fuel cells, emotors and clean internal combustion engines using conventional and alternative zero carbon fuels including hydrogen and ammonia. Our capability ranges from feasibility to concept, detailed design, analysis and simulations, controls development, energy optimisation, performance, emission improvement and issue resolution.


Key segments

Key segments within the Maritime market.



Our expertise includes: policy and economics; life cycle assessment; pathways to alternative fuels; environmental analysis; turnkey engineering services from concept to production; testing and validation.   

Ricardo delivers a range of assurance and testing services across a variety of industries.

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Find out more about our expert automotive testing solutions at our state-of-the-art facilities.

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Complementary measures that solve air quality problems and help mitigate carbon emissions and ensure a vibrant and livable city for your residents. 

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Ricardo provides impartial evidence and analysis underpinning environmental policymaking throughout the policy life cycle.

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We work with businesses to maximise benefit and avoid risks on their sustainability journey.

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Providing expertise to support your chemical operations and sustainable growth.

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World-leading environmental, energy and policy modelling to create a safe and sustainable world.

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Ricardo specialise in high-performance, niche volume manufacturing and assembly for complex, precision, electromechanical products and offer world-class industrialisation consultancy

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We are experts in the establishing flexible and stable product assembly operations which output complex products to help our clients achieve their premium product aspirations.

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As a leading industrial and manufacturing expert, we provide a world-class industrialisation consultancy service to help our clients manufacture their complex and innovative products.

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Precision manufacture of complex mechanical components for engines and transmissions for high performance and specialised applications delivered in low volumes.

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Ricardo's strategic consultancy services enables our clients to navigate complexity in a disrupted world.

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Ricardo's strategic consultancy offering enables our clients to navigate complexity in a disrupted world.

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Ricardo offers world-class technical consulting services to enable our customers to get the most from their products and services in the energy, transportation and manufacturing sectors.

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We can support your organisation with scientifically robust and high quality approaches to energy transition to deliver you value across a wide range of areas.

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Experts in delivering innovative system engineering and integration solutions towards a safe and sustainable future.

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Learn more about our leading engineering, design and design services.

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Technical insights and analysis from Ricardo experts.

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Our expert team support businesses with bespoke software solutions and stable software libraries for development programs.

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Our world-leading unique expertise

Our technical expertise and domain knowledge across the full value chain are unique within the global maritime sector.

Policy and strategy

We advise policy makers and regulators around the world covering all stages of the policy cycle including the design, implementation and assessment of sustainable transport policies.

Life cycle assessment

Through our life cycle assessments for global maritime sector organisations, our deep scientific analysis is helping our clients develop more sustainable products and/or demonstrate their already impressive environmental credentials.

Multi-stack hydrogen fuel cell propulsion

Ricardo leverages its expertise, toolchain, and experience in multi-stack fuel cell technology to develop and deliver solutions that deliver enhanced power density in terms of both volume and mass, whilst contending with cost and space constraints.

Alternative transport fuels

As a recognised market leader, we apply evidence-based analysis to develop strategies and action plans that improve the sustainability and efficiencies of vessels, and identify opportunities for investment in low-carbon technologies and fuels.

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