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Expertise to improve the sustainability outcomes of mining operations

Having delivered over 200 projects for miners, Ricardo understands the complex challenges you face. Ricardo supports clients in reducing cumulative environmental impacts and upholding social licence while continuing to grow operations, driven by the increasing demand for strategic and critical minerals necessary to decarbonise our world.

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We have considerable expertise and capability in decarbonisation, infrastructure, water and the environment, enabling us to support the mining and resources sector to adapt, increase efficiency, optimise and achieve its sustainability goals.

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Enhance your decarbonisation strategy with scientific based roadmaps customised to achieve your net-zero objectives. With Ricardo’s support you can gain vital insights at corporate, site and operational levels tailored to the challenges of your organisation. This  enables you to make strategic and informed decisions on decarbonisation and infrastructure investments. Whether incorporating renewable energy generation, additional transmission infrastructure, decarbonising heat, adopting cleaner technologies, or improving efficiency in operations, fleet, and transport, we empower you to make the right choices to systematically reduce your carbon footprint.


Optimise the energy balance of your mining operations to transition away from fossil fuels and seamlessly integrate clean energy solutions into your existing operations. Ricardo’s unique position and extensive expertise across analytical, engineering, manufacturing and sustainability includes extraction methods, sustainable heavy duty logistics solutions, heat decarbonisation, hydrogen and electric maritime, vehicles and rail technologies.

Increase the sustainability of your mining operations to mitigate risk, ensure compliance and increase social value to the communities where you operate. Ricardo’s expertise extends across Environmental Social Governance (ESG), air quality, land management, ecological biodiversity conservation, catchment management and water stewardship. Our utility, project and environmental expertise provides you with strategic insights to operations, studies and projects that maintain production or achieve expansion with effective environmental stewardship.

Increase the circularity of your mining operations to improve resilience and create sustainable waste generation outcomes. Ricardo’s experts can support you with life cycle assessments which provide robust evidence to mitigate the risk of green washing accusations, sustainable procurement, condition-based asset management to extend the life of existing infrastructure,  landfill diversion through innovative re-use of waste as resources and improving segregation of recyclables. Our expertise will optimise your waste resource recovery and find sustainable outcomes for waste streams to minimise cost and end of mine closure liabilities. 

Ricardo’s expertise enables you to secure prudent and efficient capital funding to achieve compliance, risk management, production or growth objectives whilst considering environmental and social value objectives. Bridging the gap between technical, economic, and executive advisory, Ricardo offers valuable insights into your practical green investment alternatives through opportunity framing, option identification, strategies and pathways, early phase/feed infrastructure planning, and economic assessments that include cost-benefit analysis. Our work extends to compelling business cases, pre-feasibility technical studies, trade-off studies, concept design and option assessments with multi-criteria analysis. 

Foster meaningful long-term relationships delivering social value and licence with local and indigenous communities, NGOs and regulators through planned, professional and proactive engagement. Ricardo have proven capability in community and stakeholder engagement backed by technical and scientific expertise. We can support you in aligning your corporate ESG objectives for your site(s) whilst delivering social value to local and indigenous communities and other stakeholders.

Ricardo And Mining
Mining and resources


Ricardo supports utilities, mining, resources, healthcare and the public sector to develop, deliver and manage their projects and assets.

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Ricardo offers world-class technical consulting services to enable our customers to get the most from their products and services in the energy, transportation and manufacturing sectors.

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We can support your organisation with scientifically robust and high quality approaches to energy transition to deliver you value across a wide range of areas.

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