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Abigail Pepler

Senior Air Quality Consultant
Pepler Abigail

Abigail's Story

What is your role at Ricardo?

To lead or support delivery of assessments which seek to improve understanding of air quality through modelling, and/or improve air quality through identification and implementation of suitable mitigation.

What does your average day at Ricardo look like?

Every project is different and has different stages, so my days vary which I enjoy! But most days I will check my inbox and reply to emails from project team members, clients and stakeholders, attending meetings (usually online) to share project updates and discuss next steps, and spend a good amount of time delivering project work. This might include writing reports, preparing data for input to an air quality model or processing model outputs, reviewing policies and literature, or reviewing other people’s work.

What do you look forward to at work?

I enjoy the process of quantifying the air quality problem, quantifying solutions, and finding the best approach to adopt. I look forward to opportunities to collaborate with those in my team and with clients. I enjoy running workshops and facilitating discussions on how to approach a particular air quality issue. 

What do you find most rewarding at work?/ Are you proud to work at Ricardo?

I‘m proud to work at Ricardo because our air quality team is unique amongst consultancies in terms of client base and the variety of work we deliver. It’s incredibly rewarding that my work directly improves understanding of air quality, and results in the implementation of measures which improve air quality and subsequently health outcomes.

What was you or your team’s latest achievement and how was it celebrated?

My team recently conducted a successful Steering Group workshop on behalf of a client and received very positive feedback on the event. The hard work and pay-off was recognised and the team each received a giftcard as a thank you.

How have you developed your career at Ricardo?

I joined Ricardo following 2 years work experience at another company and was welcomed with full acknowledgement of the experience I arrived with. Ricardo have supported my professional memberships, and I have benefitted from a variety of training opportunities offered.