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Chesney Swansborough

Environmental Chemist / Ecotoxicologist
Chesney Swanborough BW

Chesney's Story

What is your role at Ricardo?
I am an Environmental Chemist and Ecotoxicologist within the Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology (ECT) team at Ricardo. I work on a variety of projects related to chemical risk assessment.

What does your average day at Ricardo look like? 
For me, no two days are the same. Throughout the year, I work on a variety of projects conducting both prospective and retrospective risk assessment of chemicals. The majority of my time is dedicated to conducting evidence reviews, analysing data, and writing reports and scientific articles. My time also includes liaising with clients and working with colleagues, and in some cases subcontractors, to leverage the diverse range of skill sets within the company and beyond.

What do you find most rewarding at work?
What I find most rewarding at work is the opportunity to engage in meaningful research. I take satisfaction in knowing that my work has a tangible impact and contributes to making a difference in the future of our environment. This sense of purpose is particularly fulfilling for me, given my active interest in chemistry, and understanding the fate and behaviour of chemicals in the environment.

How have you developed your career at Ricardo? 
I am actively pursuing chartered chemist status with the Royal Society of Chemistry, and in this time, I have been fortunate to receive support from Ricardo, which has enabled me to dedicate time, alongside my regular work responsibilities, to progress. Achieving chartered chemist status will allow my expertise and professionalism in the field to be recognised and will contribute to professional growth and standing within the scientific community.

What do you most enjoy about working with your team?
We have a great team in ECT. Everyone is hardworking, supportive, and motivating. What I like the most is the variety of skill sets between us in the team and also the wider Chemical Risk team and beyond. There is always something new to learn!

What opportunities do you have at Ricardo to share your knowledge or expertise?
Over the past two years at Ricardo, I've attended conferences across Europe and North America, showcasing our work through posters and platform presentations. I've also contributed to multiple scientific publications in peer-reviewed literature and other outlets, seizing valuable opportunities to share and advance our research.

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