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James Lymer

Senior Chemicals Assessor
Lymer James B&W

James' Story

James Lymer is a Chartered Chemist with a background in organic chemistry. He developed his specialism in environmental exposure assessment and UK REACH whilst working at the Environment Agency's Chemical Assessment Unit. James joined the Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology Team at Ricardo to assess the risks of hazardous chemicals to human health and the environment.

Key projects where James has played a vital role include:

  • Environmental exposure and risk assessment research of tyre wear particles and additives including liaison with stakeholders in academia, industry and government;
  • Substance evaluation of several UK REACH registered PFAS: leading on substance ID, physico-chemical properties and environmental exposure modelling;
  • Substance evaluation and POPs nomination of MCCPs: leading on the environmental exposure and long-range transport of MCCPs;
  • Regulatory management options analysis (RMOA) for PFAS: leading on the definition, identification and grouping of PFAS from 1,000’s fluorinated chemicals and reviewing property information to support hazard, environmental exposure and risk assessment;
  • Authorisation opinion drafting: authoring the environmental risk assessment sections of opinions to inform decision makers on the safe use of hazardous chemicals under UK REACH.

James has 19 years experience with 14 years as an environmental consultant advising clients on land contamination constraints, and over 5 years assessing the risk from chemicals to human health and the environment and remediation options appraisal and supervision.