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Nigel Jones

Principal Consultant for Life Cycle Assessment
Jones Nigel B&W

Nigel's Story

Nigel is an experienced practitioner having spent over 15 years’ working with Life Cycle Assessments (LCA). He has a proven track record in life cycle management investigation and application of LCA methodology in the evaluation and analysis of the environmental impacts of products and systems. He has detailed knowledge of relevant ISO standards and methodologies relating to LCA, product carbon footprints (PCF) including Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and Product Category Rules (PCRs). 

Nigel has worked with a diverse range of clients across the automotive, aviation, industrial manufacturing and retail sectors using LCA to support product design and decision making; robustly quantify the environmental impacts of products and systems through the development of bespoke models and tools; and, support the fulfilment of client carbon and environmental disclosure requirements.