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Temoc Rodriguez

Global Technical Authority - Electronics

Temoc's Story

Temoc has over 20 years' experience designing high integrity power electronics for the energy, oil & gas, aerospace, defence, and automotive industries. After finishing a Ph.D. at Cambridge University he co-started  a startup company to develop grid-connected inverters for solar photovoltaic farms and wind generators which was eventually acquired by a larger organisation. He then moved on to a design consultancy where he worked in the development of power electronic drive system for various industrial and oil & gas applications. In 2013 he joined defence group Ultra to work in the development of high integrity aerospace actuation and power conversion products. 

Since joining Ricardo in 2021, Temoc has led high-profile developments in electrification, including a 4kW DC/DC converter, 11kW On-Board-Charger, 50kW Gallium Nitride Traction inverter, 2x500kW dual output Silicon Carbide Traction Inverter, and a 250kW hydrogen fuel cell system for aerospace propulsion. He is currently Global Technical Expert and is responsible for defining the innovation strategy for power electronics within Ricardo's electrification activities and support developing solutions for our customers.