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E-Tracker - Electric Motorcycle


A stylish, fun and sustainable urban motorcycle with a focus on everyday commuting.​

Application of electrified powertrain technologies in light urban motorcycles.​

Design language for urban electric motorcycles with a focus on lightweight, versatility and style.


The E-Tracker is a stylish, agile and lightweight electric urban motorcycle with 19” wheels for ease of daily use.​

A swappable battery, with an easily accessible charging connector offers the maximum versatility for electric urban transportation. ​

The side panels have been designed to enable easy attachment of commuting luggage. The subtle fixing points mean the style is maintained and even with bags attached the riding experience is fun.​

The design is stylish, minimal and recognisable in line with the current market trend.​

E-Tracker combines the right compromises between performance, weight and range:​

  • 48V 6-10kW ePwt​
  • 119kg curb weight​
  • 2,1 Wh battery capacity


Electrification is rapidly becoming part of the solution to decarbonise transportation. Urban motorcycle use is ideally suited to electrification. The E-Tracker shows Ricardo is a perfect partner to create electric urban mobility solutions. ​

Developed as a fully functional running demonstrator, this concept can be taken to a production model in a short time frame. The E-Tracker has all the winning elements for a profitable market launch.​


Ricardo E-Tracker

Start and end dates

02/2023 - 01/2024



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