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Fleet decarbonisation route map


Surrey Police faced a challenge to find a route to net zero while maintaining operational standards and cost efficiency. This included the need to decarbonise a transport fleet, covering cars, vans and motorcycles.

Surrey Police wanted to reach net zero emissions from its fleet by 2040, without any negative impact on meeting the demanding operational requirements.


Working closely with the customer, Ricardo collected operational data on the fleet and defined realistic options for decarbonisation of transport emissions in line with net zero ambitions. Our approach included:

  • Development of a route map to net zero with several scenarios modelled to provide Surrey Police with options for decarbonisation
  • Analysis that considered the various vehicle types, their usage, practical requirements, and replacement rates, as well as energy use and charging infrastructure needs, and quantifying carbon savings, and costs
  • Inclusion of a range of vehicle powertrain options, including hydrogen


The client received a flexible route map with realistic and cost-effective options for achieving net zero. 

This provided a pragmatic vision of how the transport fleet can be decarbonised, along with vehicle and infrastructure investment needs. The client said: “The team helped us to understand the challenges surrounding decarbonising our large operational fleet”.


Surrey Police

Start and end dates

11/2020 - 02/2021


England, Surrey

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