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Initial assessment of the drivers and barriers to using sustainable fuels

Customer Challenge

Future legislation for decarbonisation of marine industry is forthcoming.
A customer wished to maintain its industry first reputation, by bringing forward the decarbonisation of its yachts. There are many decarbonisation pathways, with electrification and alternative sustainable fuels.
The views on the ideal pathway and technical solution differ across the industry and its supply chain.

Ricardo Solution

A bespoke introduction to sustainable fuels applicable for customer applications was developed.
This introduction was included to provide a foundational knowledge for the customers business. A number of convertor-fuel combinations were down selected through experience.
The fuel pathways were assessed by comparing their Toxicity, Safety, Handling and Well-To-Tank Emissions. The fuel pathways were ranked for readiness of; production, storage, distribution and scalability. Specific fuels were identified  which aligned to the requirements of the applications for future customer scenario analysis.
Fuel power convertor TRL (Technology Readiness Level) and CRL (Commercial Readiness Level)  ranking was carried out. Near, mid and long term fuel options were identified as a foundational fuels roadmap, with power convertor options.

Customer Benefit

Receipt of a detailed analytical report, providing a concise comparison of fuels and power convertors for easy assessment. This was supported by detailed Q&A throughout the project delivery. The study supported the customer’s strategic product planning activities enabling them to navigate the complexities of future options.



Key Services

Strategic consulting

Start and end dates

02/2023 - 05/2023



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