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RE-CONNECT: Modelling, Projecting and Tracking Emissions Reduction Pathways


The Paris Agreement, adopted in 2015 under the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, sets out the internationally agreed goals, commitments and processes that underpin the global effort against climate change.

The subsequent Paris Agreement “rulebook” details the processes and rules to be abided by the near 200 countries that ratified the agreement. For the first time, developing nations must follow the same rules as developed countries when it comes to reporting on emissions targets and policies. 

And with more ambitious and robust Nationally Determined Contributions expected to be brought forward in early 2025, it has been recognised that many developed, emerging and developing countries required specialist support to build their analytical, strategy and policymaking capacities if they are to comply with the new requirements.

The RE-CONNECT project was established to help build greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions modelling, projections and tracking capabilities across participating nations. As well as improving the quality of their capacity to monitor and report on climate progress, there is also a focus on strengthening the tools and capabilities of domestic mitigation modelling teams.



Since January 2024, Ricardo has been heading a consortium of leading international institutions in GHG emissions modelling and transparency to deliver the RE-CONNECT program.

To achieve the program's objectives, a package of capacity building activities will be facilitated, including training workshops, expert matching, policy dialogues, modelling forums and information sharing. 

Participants include government officials of climate, energy, ecology and environment departments; research institutions and agencies; universities and academic think tanks; and other non-governmental organisations involved in policy formation and sharing an interest in accessing reliable climate data.



Currently scheduled to operate through to early 2028, RE-CONNECT brings together international experts and in-country participants from a mix of developed, emerging, and developing countries.

In addition to enhancing the reporting of emissions data and the modelling capabilities of participating nations, the program also strives to promote transparency across processes and reporting. This is not only in the interests of accumulating robust GHG emission data sets, but also in building trust and collaboration between a diverse range of participating countries.


European Commission DG Climate Action

Key Services

Climate change mitigation
International development
Emissions monitoring and verification
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Start and end dates

01/2024 - 01/2027


Belgium and participating countries

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