Future of sustainable transport


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The world depends on transportation. However, it poses some of our most pressing economic, environmental and social development challenges. As our understanding and awareness of climate change and air quality has increased, it is clear that our current approach to mobility is not sustainable – certainly from environmental and social perspectives but arguably from an economic standpoint too.

In this free report, Ricardo experts bring clarity to some of the complexities of future mobility. It explores the drivers for future sustainable transport and the challenges to achieving net zero, while providing a commentary on current initiatives which are addressing some of the issues faced within the transportation sector.

Key Takeaways

  • The Future Now: Fit For 55: Turning Climate Goals into Concrete Action
  • The Challenges to Achieving Net Zero by 2050
  • UK Transport Decarbonisation: From Plan to Practice?
  • Zero Emission HGVs: The Infrastructure Challenge
  • Energy Storage Solutions For Future Sustainable Transport
  • E-Fuels: Poised for a Breakthrough?
Challenging Road

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