Renewable energy in South Africa

Transitioning to renewable energy in South Africa

Ricardo supports the just energy transition in South Africa


South Africa is on a global mission to transform their energy supply from conventional fossil fuel onto a more sustainable path.


Our services 

Battery energy storage systems (BESS)

We have the capability to assess technical, economic and financial cases for BESS projects both in standalone and co-located applications with renewable power plants.

This includes expert support to private developers, LPUs, utilities and distributors on modelling, sizing and advising on application (system loading, energy supply, portfolio balancing, provision of ancillary services etc). We deliver bespoke energy storage solutions to clients with a cost benefit analysis. 

Technical, regulatory and economic due diligence

Our experts offer due diligence on the economics of your proposed investments (e.g. cashflow projections, price per kWh, ROI) as well as evaluating your eligibility to access sustainable finance.

Our diagnostic approach ensures that your project quickly reaches an investment decision and financial close to meet your developmental timelines, with minimum risk and cost. Whilst we consider the benefits of economies of scale, we also support in identifying project options co-optimising plant reliability, availability and to which extent the plant would shield you from projected price volatility, rather than
only maximising on the size of the development. 

Renewable energy and battery storage system development

We provide expert support (lead technical advisor and/ or owner’s consultant) to Independent Power Producers (IPPs), Large Power Users (LPUs), utilities and financial institutions on the feasibility and viability of proposed renewable energy projects. This includes:

  • Technology and site selection
  • Yield analysis and demand profiling
  • Concept design and techno-economic feasibility
  • Grid impact studies
  • Off-take and power purchase arrangements (PPAs)
  • Key stakeholder engagements (renewable developer, utility, regulator, finance institutions)
  • Procurement advisory
  • Owner’s consultancy services to ensure delivery and commissioning of the infrastructure against specification.

Hydrogen support services

We provide a dedicated unit focused on hydrogen
advisory services, which include (but are not limited to):

  • Strategic planning and market assessment of the developing hydrogen economy
  • Understanding of existing and emerging policy and regulation
  • Technical and economic feasibility studies, including site selection and technology assessment
  • Grid integration with renewable generation sources (green hydrogen/ammonia markets)
  • Cost benefit analysis of hydrogen (third party supply or on-site supply), including energy environmental and social impact analysis
  • Full-spectrum hydrogen safety training.

Our experience 

  • Battery Storage for grid constrained renewable generator 
  • Technical advisor to a developer and EPC Contractor on the design and implementation of various utility scale BESS schemes
  • Integrated renewable energy solution (solar, wind & storage) for railway traction power in UK
  • Renewable energy and BESS feasibility study for a food manufacturer
  • Feasibility study for PV on a restored landfill connected by privately owned power lines or networks to manufacturer (landfill operator)
  • Bermuda ground mount and floating PV feasibility studies (Regulatory Authority of Bermuda)
  • Bermuda offshore wind pre-feasibility and meteorological data and environmental studies (Regulatory Authority of Bermuda)
  • Due Diligence on a 50MW/50MWh battery energy storage system for Hampshire County Council (UK)
  • Acquisition Due Diligence for a 70 site PV portfolio for an investor (UK)

  • Cost of service and regulation studies for NERSA, Eskom, eThekwini, Buffalo City Metro
  • Development of the SADC Regional Grid Code
  • Transmission pricing and renewable energy planning studies for SAPP.

  • Delivered fully accredited on-site training on awareness, safety and incident response regarding hydrogen and lithium-ion batteries to operational staff and firefighters of a high profile mining company in sub Saharan Africa
  • Study on the ability of specific countries (including South Africa) to manufacture green hydrogen based low carbon fuels and review of economic benefits
  • Hydrogen (production & use) strategy for a UK region, covering economy, jobs, funding opportunities

We are experienced in supporting electricity utilities and regulatory authorities in South Africa with the development of legislation, policy, standards, guidelines, and codes, thus offering clients world class advisory on technical and regulatory matters relating to their projects