Sustainability for the NHS and healthcare sector

Helping to deliver a net zero NHS

Helping to deliver a net zero NHS

The health and care system in England is responsible for an estimated 4-5% of the country’s carbon footprint. In recent years the NHS has taken big strides to reduce its impact, but much more is needed to cut carbon emissions and build capacity and resilience into the way care is provided.

With ambitions to become the world’s first net zero health system, the NHS has committed to achieving its net zero targets : 2030 in Wales, 2045 in England and 2040 in Scotland. These ambitious targets require a step change with hospitals undertaking a wider and more comprehensive range of carbon reduction activities than ever before.


Decarbonisation expertise for the NHS and healthcare sector

Over the last 30 years, we’ve helped thousands of organisations save millions of tonnes of carbon across a variety of UK sectors. We have an established track record of working with NHS organisations to deliver Sustainable Development Management Plans and Green plans.

Our tried and tested methodology has helped organisations understand their current position and develop practicable action plans covering areas critical to carbon reduction including estate and facilities, medicines, supply chain, travel and transport, food and catering.

We have worked with key stakeholders including clinicians, estates and facilities, catering, procurement, patient transport, learning and development, HR, communications, finance and Executive and Non-Executive leads.

How can NHS Trusts meet net zero targets
Healthcare Sustainability

We can help:

  • develop a net zero strategy that meets your specific needs and ambitions for decarbonisation,
  • identify projects needed to achieve your ambitions, and
  • provide expertise to enable you to implement those projects successfully.

By planning effectively, we can help ensure your net zero strategy delivers real and quantifiable energy and carbon savings, improved security and resilience of your supply chain, and enhance staff and patient engagement.

Our comprehensive range of services helps the NHS to deliver effective, forward-thinking and sustainable healthcare. We have teams specialised in diverse areas such as:

Our integrated offering enables us to offer a bespoke package of services to help you set and achieve your sustainability goals.  For a start we can provide an informal expert review of your Trust's current Green Plans and its suitability to help you progress towards net zero.

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