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The EU’s Sustainable Batteries Regulation will have wide-reaching impacts on many organisations. Ricardo's experts can help. From clarifying policy and helping you to understand the new requirements, through to designing and implementing a robust strategy with effective compliance solutions, we provide expert guidance to clients around the globe.

A holistic approach to support

With an extensive track record of supporting policymakers and providing regulatory advice to corporates, our experts can offer you unique policy insights. From baseline policy mapping to ongoing monitoring of new requirements, Ricardo is equipped to assist you in identifying priority actions, risks and opportunities from the new regulation. Our support can help you:

  • Gain clarity on requirements for different battery types and responsibility split between battery value chain actors.
  • Gain visibility of key dates and targets for each regulatory requirement (e.g., labelling, battery passport).
  • Identify critical requirements for your organisation.
  • Monitor ongoing changes to the Regulation, including Delegated and Implementing Acts (over 40 acts expected).

Through a  range of services and expertise, our sustainability consultants can help you identify the best solutions to meet the requirements of the Sustainable Batteries Regulation:

  • Carbon footprint and life-cycle assessment (LCA) of technologies.
  • Resource mapping, recycling/reuse and sustainable procurement for a circular economy.
  • Social life cycle assessment and due diligence support with a focus on sustainability.
  • Waste and resource management expertise covering Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) implications.

We have a long track record working with OEMs, tier 1 suppliers, and policymakers and an active network of contacts in the global battery production sector. We can support with: 

  • Stakeholder mapping, engagement and sentiment analysis
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Techno-economic analysis and database of costs of battery manufacture
  • Technical due diligence, business and operational model scrutiny

Our engineers and technical experts can support with:

  • Design, development and validation of a variety of battery systems
  • Understanding competitor battery designs through a teardown program
  • Engineering, manufacturing and testing of battery products using in-house and global partnerships
  • Planning and establishing battery manufacturing facilities
  • Optimising batteries in line with circular economy principles

Get in touch to start a conversation about bespoke support for your organisation covering specific needs or all of your organisational requirements relating to the sustainable batteries regulation.

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