Training and capacity building


EMAQ+ air quality management

Our EMAQ+ programme provides training and technical guidance for Air Quality Management professionals who have responsibilities, under Part IV of the Environment Act 1995 and related regulations, to monitor ambient concentrations of air pollutants, review air quality, assess whether remedial action is required, designate air quality management areas, put in place actions plans, and provide air quality information to the public. Ricardo have been supporting and training Local Authorities through EMAQ+ since 1994.

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Openair training

Ricardo’s openair training is designed to help you gain the skills you need to become a confident air quality practitioner. 

Our courses offers users practical training on how to approach air quality data analysis; the best tools and techniques to use to yield the most insight; and how to critically review and interpret data in a meaningful way. A large proportion of training consists of practical exercises during which users benefit from the opportunity to practice advanced analysis techniques and approaches using their own data.

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