How condition based maintenance can help reduce rolling stock costs

Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) is increasingly used by rolling stock operators and maintainers to simplify processes and reduce costs.

However, too many pilot schemes fail to deliver the promised results. Why have some approaches proven so beneficial whilst others are yet to demonstrate their worth? And are there any common factors underpinning the more successful implementations of CBM?

In this webinar, Maarten de Vries, from Ricardo's Rail Maintenance Management team, introduces the key elements of CBM in the management of rolling stock. His 40-minute presentation extends from basic theoretical concepts through to a practical framework for successful implementation across any rail fleet.

From this recorded webinar you will gain a clear understanding of:

  • The basic principles of CBM and maintenance policies
  • CBM's many benefits, but also its drawbacks and pitfalls
  • The importance of strategic, tactical and operational elements
  • How to open further opportunities for CBM in your organisation

It is a valuable briefing for rolling stock owners, operators and maintainers who share the day-to-day responsibility for providing a safe and reliable rail service.

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