Hydrogen training course


23 May 2023



Energy and environment

Clean energy


£695 + VAT


10:00 (United Kingdom, London)

Venue: Crowne Plaza, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK

This in-person training workshop provides fundamental knowledge on how to respond to and manage incidents involving hydrogen.

As hydrogen is used more widely as a fuel for mass transit, energy production, industrial processes and transport, all potential users of hydrogen will need to be aware of the safety risks and associated hazards. Anyone working with hydrogen will need to know what to do when things go wrong and how they as an individual, team or organisation will manage an incident if/when one happens. 

Hydrogen can be such an impactful substance that by the time emergency responders arrive at an incident significant damage will already have occurred. The impacts of hydrogen incidents can be catastrophic to people, the environment, business assets and reputations, and unprepared organisations put themselves and others at increased risk from these impacts. Responsible organisations that use hydrogen in any capacity need to ensure that their staff are prepared and trained to manage an emergency incident that involves hydrogen. 

This one-day workshop will enable delegates to: 

  • be aware of the properties, risks and hazards of hydrogen;
  • understand how hydrogen impacts the response to an incident;
  • build confidence for managing incidents involving hydrogen to keep themselves and others safe, protect the environment and infrastructure;
  • reduce the reputational damage to the hydrogen industry.  

The workshop includes leading research and key regulatory knowledge along with case studies from chemical experts at Ricardo that combine more than 150 years’ of chemical incident response experience. The workshop includes simulation exercises to support delegates to manage hydrogen incidents, including:

  • personal protective equipment options and use during an incident;
  • appropriate remediation equipment and tactics for gaseous and liquid hydrogen and related material, such as ammonia;
  • response tactics and emergency services’ collaboration;
  • non-technical skills, such as communication and decision making in high pressure situations;
  • incident scene management. 

The workshop is intended for senior management, QHSE staff, incident response teams, hydrogen project teams and organisation safety staff. Through scenarios and simulations, delegates will develop their learning in real-life situations with challenges that they will need to overcome in order to safely handle a real incident that involves hydrogen. The underlying principle behind the workshop is to build delegates’ confidence in a safe environment so that they are able to act to real-life incidents where the risks and hazards will be significantly higher.

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