Net zero and energy efficiency in the manufacturing industry

As net zero is a huge topic with a wide range of issues, Charles, one of our Associate Directors and experts in net zero and energy efficiency, shares his guidance on a few critical high level tools to get you on your way to net zero, together with a host of practical tips for improving energy efficiency in your manufacturing operations.

What's covered in this video?

  • 6-step approach to planning and delivering net zero carbon
  • Developing a carbon target plan
  • Action plan to reduce carbon emissions with real life examples
  • How to establish a energy / carbon management system with energy performance metrics
  • Where to identify opportunities for savings
  • Expert tips on specific areas in manufacturing operations including control systems, compressed air, heat and efficiency.

Our team can help develop a strategy that meets your specific needs and ambitions, identify projects needed to achieve your goals and provide expertise to help you implement and monitor those projects successfully.

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