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Ports’ path to Net Zero - Hydrogen’s essential but limited role

10 Jul 2024


Every day, ports worldwide orchestrate the movement of millions of tonnes of cargo, from seeds to food, technology to heavy machinery, ports are the cornerstone of global trade. Maggie Adams, Hydrogen Consultant at Ricardo comments.


According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), international shipping accounted for approximately 2% of energy-related CO2 emissions worldwide.


Despite the International Maritime Origanisation’s revised greenhouse gas (GHG) strategy, the complexity of maritime decarbonisation has resulted in slower than anticipated progress, with the IEA classifying the maritime sector as ‘not on track’ to meeting targets. Therefore significant focus and effort has been placed on innovation and solutions to decarbonise the shipping sector.


With IMO measures coming into force within the shipping sector, ports must also follow suit in decarbonisation efforts in the coming years.


This article will discuss port energy ecosystems in relation to decarbonisation, and where hydrogen may play its role. 


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