Aither Water Report

Ricardo water policy experts release the tenth annual Australian Water Markets Report

09 Aug 2023


Ricardo’s water policy experts have released the tenth annual Australian Water Markets Report. The annual report is our flagship contribution to improving water market transparency with independent insights and analysis.

Australia’s world-leading cap and trade system helps manage water scarcity and enables flexibility and adaptation to climatic extremes and changing economic conditions. This report provides critical insights for governments, regulators, banks, investors and water users, enabling them to make better decisions.

This year’s report highlights that a third successive year of wet conditions resulted in record inflows, the worst flooding in the Murray system for 50 years, and very low allocation prices. At the same time, challenging economic conditions put an end to a decade of extraordinary growth in southern MDB water entitlement prices. Our outlook provides our view on the year ahead, and the critical factors that will shape allocation and entitlement markets in years to come.