Ricardo Certification Flirt Testing With Smart

Successful Belgian test campaign of FLIRT3 train set with Ricardo SMART testing

24 Nov 2022


Stadler has requested Ricardo Certification to test and certify the trainsets against the requirements applicable in Belgium.

The FLIRT3 Limburg multi-system trainsets from Stadler are due to be operating in Belgium by the end of 2023.

The FLIRT3 Limburg multi-system trainsets are currently in service in Germany and The Netherlands. Operator Arriva (in Limburg) wants to extend this operation to Liège in Belgium. Ricardo Certification has recently finished the succesfull test programme with our SMART software, which produced overnight results. With SMART we are able to run the most efficient and fastest test and authorisation possible and reduce costs. 

SMART Testing

Test programmes are complex and costly, involving a range of stakeholders with varying priorities, short time periods, high technical complexity and unforeseen operational challenges. An efficient testing process is therefore very important, and it helps greatly if measurement data is available as soon as possible. Normally, it takes weeks for testing teams to get test results and move on to the next phase. But with the overnight results from SMART, it is possible to get on next morning and adjust the test programme where necessary.

SMART is a tool from Ricardo, where project specific parameters are set. It was first developed in 2016 for analysing electrical interference data against Dutch requirements and is now further extended for analysis against the Belgium requirements and their Jade train detection systems. The functionality for automatic processing and analysis of brake system test data will be completed in the near future.

All Dutch national requirements (RIS) and the Belgium national requirements (KB) have been processed in SMART. The data processing software increases reliable analysis of measurement data for certification of new or modified rolling stock, by automation of the data analysis and visualisation of the results.

With SMART, we are able to process and analyse data for testing of compatibility of the electrical system and, in the near future, also for testing axle counter compatibility according to EN50592. As the software is built as a flexible platform it can also be used for other types of testing with minimal effort.

SMART has successfully been used for the certification of trainsets FLIRT3 NSR FFF, FLIRT3 Limburg, FLIRT3 NRH, WINK, SNG, TRAXX C20, TRAXX MS3 and EURO9000.

If you have any questions about SMART, its applications or potential use on your future please contact us.

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